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10 Windows 7 Free Apps Worth Downloading

Windows 7 is one operating system by Microsoft which has truly revolutionized the way Windows OS behaved, felt, worked and felt.  The OS already comes loaded with a host of handy and useful features; still there are several 3rd party apps that can actually make a user’s life much more easier. Here are 10 of the very useful freeware that every Windows 7 user ought to have. Hang on tight & enjoy the ride.


The Paint application that comes with Windows 7 has gone through a tremendous improvement; however, it is still not good enough to cater to a professional’s requirement. And to consider it as a replacement of Photoshop would be nothing but an overstatement.
GIMP is one such free graphics editor that can be described in a single word – remarkable. From splendid render effects to 3D perspective tools, GIMP is one software that impresses throughout.

2. VLC Media Player


The developers of VLC Media Player have paid great attention to the core aspects of a media player and you can play virtually any audio or video format using this application. Thus we see that there are more reasons to have VLC Media Player on your system than just the cool menu colours or the glowing play button.

3. Google Quick Search Box

Although a very useful feature, it has not been so publicized. Google quick search box adds a Google button on your taskbar, and you can then have the advantage of performing a variety of searches without having to open the browser window. This feature is a part of the Google Toolbar package for IE8.

4. Picasa


Picasa is a product of Google. It gathers as well as organizes all your pictures and make it easy for you to access them. In just few clicks of mouse, you can fix your photos and post them online.  Included is another great feature called Picasa Photo Viewer, which allows you to preview the photos in Windows explorer folders.

5. Auto Login and Lock

It is no less than an annoyance to wait for Windows processes and Startup programs to load once you log on to your PC. Especially when you start your PC and go for a cup of coffee, you still have to enter your login and password when you come back and wait for the processes to load till you can start to work. Auto Login and Lock automatically login to Windows on startup and then immediately lock windows. Now when you return you can enter the password and start working instantly, as the Auto Login and Lock would have already taken care of the startup and load processes.

6.  Fences

Windows 7 has brought a brand new taskbar, but nothing much has changed as far as actual Windows desktop is concerned. With the application called Fences, you can organize your desktop in a beautiful manner. Using this application, you can arrange and sort the icons into different “fences”. Fences would certainly serve to make your life more organized and easier.

7. Monitor ES – A lot in one

You can use this small portable tool called Monitor ES to turn off display, notify contacts and pause media when you lock your Windows desktop. Yes, this very handy application pauses your media playback, sets the IM status to away and turns off your monitor in one single action of locking your system.

8. Ditto

Ditto can be rightly called an extension to copy paste utility provided by Windows 7 OS. With Ditto, you have a universal clipboard that stores every single object you copy and you can then use any of the text and paste in any order you require.

9. Recuva

Recuva is a completely free application that lets you recover files that were permanently deleted (even from Recycle Bin) by mistake. The program can also help to recover files that were accidently deleted from memory cards, MP3 Players or flash drives.

10. Keep your Desktop Clean With Zum

Zum is an amazing application launcher that combines ease of use, minimalist features and an artistic design. It is a must-have if you prefer to keep your desktop clutter-free.

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