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5 Ways Facebook Is Completely Changing Things

Although initially just a social networking site, Facebook is quickly changing the way we do things. From dating to business and even travel, Facebook is growing to have an even stronger role in our everyday lives.



2% of all US marriages come from relationships starting through online dating, or so some platforms have claimed. As dating services are based upon filling in personal information and being matched to people with similar answers, they are inherently similar to the service Facebook provides in a broader way. It would be interesting then to find a statistic for marriages started through Facebook, as introduction by friends is still the number one way for people to find their partners, and Facebook aren’t even charging for it!


Industry news may mean reading the FT, relevant blogs, and news websites, but increasingly it also means following Facebook updates and tweets. By following the updates of competitors, it is simpler to see what directions they are developing in, but also to communicate and spot opportunities for collaboration. For new companies there is an abundance of market information to learn from, and the chance to really a see a demand directly from what people are saying. Not to mention of course the far more fine-tuned and tailored advertising options that let them then get through to potential customers.


Recruitment companies are increasingly making sure they have a real presence on Facebook as the job hunting process moves more and more onto social media, especially with new graduates. Web savvy recruitment services are using platforms such as Facebook to create a more personal environment, with more video. Black Bag creative recruitment have a video tab with each of their directors speaking about skills and experiences, as well uploading plenty of images, apps and challenges.


Government agencies are getting more involved with Facebook, as it becomes obvious that there is potential for really getting in touch with people and gaining a sense of their opinions. Opinion research no longer requires people to fill out extensive forms, which then have to be processed. The US Navy have been using their pages to post questions and polls to really get their followers involved, as well as keeping the stream updated with all of the latest news. Rather than reading about it in the papers, Facebook can give a direct route to government activities.


As travel companies follow the business trend of making use of Facebook, they mostly stick to the standard method of posting updates and offers. Skyscanner however, have found a way to really integrate into the Facebook world and be much more than just another business page. The Skyscanner Flight Search Page allows you to simply post on the wall a simple request such as ‘UK to Canada in October’ and it will ping you back the best price for that month. Of course you don’t have to search only for prices on a monthly basis – you can be as flexible or as rigid as you want. You could then proceed to the Canada flights page on the Skyscanner website to fulfill your booking, or, maybe share the result with your friends and see if anyone else wants to go.

It’s hard to ignore how Facebook is changing things. Whether that’s work or travel, politics or dating, Facebook is there. Welcome to the Facebook era.

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  • I agree with you on all point but sometimes I feel a little nostalgic of those times when Facebook haven’t been in our lives!

  • I’m surprised only 2% of of all US marriages are starting through online dating. I guess technology hasn’t taken over everything yet!

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