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About Twitter and its Effectiveness

twitter Twitter is an online social networking site that has become a part of America’s popular culture. This social network medium allows users to interact with each other by sending small text messages known as “tweets”. Each tweet can only contain 140 characters and users can comment on various subjects that are available on the network.

One feature that makes Twitter such a popular form of communication is that it allows the average person to voice their opinion on any given topic. Individuals can also contribute their point-of-view on news stories and important events.

Twitter is designed to be accessible from cell phones. Users can upload text messages from their phones to Twitter via their accounts and inform the world about special events as they occur. They can also tell people about what they’re doing at any given moment. Many businesses use Twitter as a part of their customer care services and to find new clients.

Popular entertainers helped to make Twitter a household name and they rely on its services to keep in touch with fans and to inform them about upcoming concerts, movies and events. Other organizations utilize Twitter to update the public about developing world events or important national news. Many American people have embraced Twitter because of some of the Twitter sponsored events that are offered on the network. “Follow Friday” is one of these events and it is one of the main reasons why people have a Twitter account.

Besides communication, people log onto Twitter in order to try and get other subscribers to follow them. Follow Friday offers the opportunity for Twitter users to meet up with their peers (only online) in order to build up their “fan” base of followers. Follow Friday can be fun, entertaining and challenging, since subscribers are trying hard to obtain followers.

Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Evan Williams and Biz Stone started Twitter and they established the network in 2006. These men all worked for a podcasting business named Odeo when Dorsey had an idea about using SMS short code services to communicate with small groups. Noah Glass is credited with naming this project “twttr” which was supposed to have been inspired by another social network named Flickr.

Since Twitter became an independent company in 2007, it processes over 60 million tweets a day and these numbers are still growing.

Twitter is also the third largest social network in the world and is funded primarily by investors and is expected to go public in 2013. This organization also offers online advertisement packages and deals to businesses and companies and acquires revenue from these services.

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