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Run Android Apps on PC with Blue Stacks

Blue Stacks has always been awesome, but recently they have become even more awesome. Blue Stacks has released their app player for Windows 8. Surface Pro PC users and Windows 8 users can easily jam to over seventy five thousand songs using the new App Player for Windows 8. This is an improvement for a variety of different reasons. Many users are happy to hear the news. This is big news for Blue Stacks. Android applications can now be used on computers running on Windows 8.


This is a huge deal for Windows as well due to the fact that they are not doing all that well. Surface Pro is said to be nothing short of innovative. Many people seem to think that it is nothing more than apps. It has that and so much more. Bringing Android apps to Windows computers had a lot of users tickled pink. The App Player has a million and one different features and a billion reasons why so many users have fallen head over heels in love.

The App Player for Windows 8


The App Player for Windows 8 is bursting with value. There are many reasons why this App Player powered by Windows 8 and Blue Stacks is a steal. There are currently about thirty five thousand apps available in the Windows 8 app store. Blue Stacks is bringing so many more. The total amount is somewhere around seventy five thousand Android apps. Windows 8 users will easily be able to use Android apps and vice versa. There will truly be an app for everyone. The player can easily be launched through a pinned tile on the Start screen. It is quick. It is easy. It is simple.One of the things that is new about Blue Stacks, besides the extraordinary amount of new and interesting apps, is the Charms feature. The Charms feature has charmed many users so far. Many users have been singing the praises of the new App Player for Windows 8. The tilt motion sensor of the Windows 8 tablet is completely functional with Android apps.

Blue Stacks Takes the Cake

The Surface Pro is expected to do big things, even if the Windows 8 operating system was not as popular as first hoped. It is beginning to take off. This compilation between Windows 8 and Blue Stacks has made Surface Pro a device that is a force to be reckoned with. Many users complained about the lack of apps, but now they will have nothing to complain about. The amazing amount of apps adds a lot of value to the buyers. Blue Stacks is currently doing well and shows no sign of slowing down in sales. Blue Stacks software is going to be preloaded on many different device brands running the Windows 8 operating system. Blue Stacks offers download for both PC and MAC users.

A True Improvement

The new Windows 8 is truly an improvement. It is easy to access Blue Stacks from the Windows Start screen. The App Player is easy to use and easy to navigate. Blue Stacks is also showing Google support by promoting the Google Windows 8 app. Consumer who were waiting for something spectacular can count on the Surface Pro. Windows 8 and Blue Stacks have made a fantastic union and users are benefiting. The sale of the Surface Pro was slow at first, but now more users are picking it up due to the fact that so many different apps are available. It will practically blow your mind. Check it out for yourself, but prepared to be wowed by the amount of apps.

Blue Stack is available for Windows PC and Mac.

Visit Website : http://www.bluestacks.com/

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