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Features of Android Monitoring Software


Android phones offer a wide range of features to ensure that they meet the requirements of the users. Although, millions of people prefer using Android phones, most often it leads to mobile risks. Therefore, the Android phones need to be secured, and also utilized in an appropriate manner to avoid unwanted threats in the near future. The best way to secure your Android device is to install Android monitoring software. The greatest advantage of the monitoring software is that it not only secures your phone, but also helps to unveil the hidden secrets.


Android Monitoring Software is beneficial for users as it does the following activities:

  • Safeguards your children
  • Detects the truth about your spouse
  • Checks the loyalty and efficiency of employees
  • Tracks the location of Android phones
    The monitoring software for Android phones such as

Mobile Spy

    offers amazing features that help users utilize the software to the fullest. Although, there are numerous features lined up for its users, some of the best features have been outlined below.

Salient Features of Android Monitoring Software

Picture Logs: This particular feature of Android monitoring software allows users to glance through all the pictures saved in the Android phones. In case you are worried that your teen is storing obscene pictures in the device, you can put your mind at ease as the monitoring software retrieves all pictures including the ones that have been deleted.

Call Recording:

The call recording feature helps you to listen to calls secretly stored on the target phone. Users can view the call details of received and dialed calls along with a time stamp and the duration. This feature indeed is highly beneficial as users can detect the hidden truth simply through its call recording feature.

Surrounding Logs:

The retrieval of surrounding details of calls is yet another useful feature that has made many individuals to opt for mobile monitoring software. Through this feature, users can record details of all conversations taking place in the surroundings of the phone. All you need to do is send an SMS to activate the feature, and listen to the surroundings effectively.

Video Logs:

This feature is quite similar to picture logging feature. All videos created, sent, and received from the target Android phone gets uploaded in the server account, and the same can be viewed anytime through internet.

Text Message Logs:

Logs of text messages provided by the monitoring software include both sent and received messages. In addition, the text messages that have been wiped off from the device can be retrieved as well. This feature allows users to view the contents of all text messages fully. So, there is no way for the suspect to get away by deleting messages any more.

Location Logs:

Tracking the location of your Android phone is no more a difficult task as the Android monitoring software traces the phone location without much of hassles. The monitoring software uses the GPS tracker to locate the details to ensure that Android phones can be retrieved easily when lost or stolen.

Web Browser Logs:

The web browser logs provide details of all the websites browsed through the target phone. This feature helps users to check the kind of sites that are browsed by their children and employees. When it comes to the notice of the user that there are certain illegal sites surfed, then those applications can be blocked through the monitoring software.

Email Logs:

This feature provides details of all emails exchanged through the Android phone. Users can go through the emails to figure out if there is any confidential data being leaked out by employees, or to detect the truth about the spouse’s infidelity.

Support Features

If you do a thorough research on the available monitoring apps, it helps you to choose the most supportive and reliable monitoring software. The monitoring software such as mobile spy offers extended support to its users via email, chat, or telephone. In addition, you could refer to the user manual and FAQ guide.

To conclude, there are many other features like remote wiping of data, and locking the device for security reasons, and much more. The popularity of Android monitoring software has tremendously increased due to the fact that it offers extensive features, and best support for its users.

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