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Throwdown: The Apple iPhone vs the Android Fleet

Apple has long reigned supreme in the smartphone arena; however, Android based phones and the operating system itself have quickly become worthy contenders – especially in the last year. Both phones offer diverse playing fields and offer users something that the other just quite can’t. So which company offers the better smartphone and operating system overall?

Contender #1: Android

Android has long been known for providing a more utilitarian approach to their phones. These are the type of phones that you want when you aren’t focused on style so much as getting the job done. This is the type of operating system that doesn’t play around with fancy moves. It a no-nonsense, heavyweight competitor that knocks you out with 1-2 punch.


If you want to have your phone fit only your needs, then Android is for you. Android isn’t about providing the same interface for everyone to use. They want you to use it however you need to, to accomplish whatever you need to get done. If you are a serious professional blogger, Android will let you customize your phone so that it can help you get your job done as quickly as possible and in whatever fashion you wish to do it. The upcoming release of Ice Cream Sandwich will also be sure to provide even greater functionality to Android phones.


Android’s operating systems function on a variety of phones, and the two stand out brands are Samsung and HTC. HTC’s Sense is one of the best, if not the best, UI on the market, and Samsung has repeatedly offered superior phones – so much so that Apple has gone after the brand. With an iPhone, you only get one phone and one phone only. With Android you have an entire selection to choose from so you can get whatever fits your style and needs.


In keeping with its utilitarian approach, Android offers phones that function on 4G. In short, 4G will be a network capable of functioning at high speeds and with multiple browsers open so that users can get done what they want, when they need to.


Contender #2: The iPhone

Apple has always been about providing an experience to its users. It doesn’t give you a workhorse that you train yourself; it provides you with a service already to go. iOS5 is the lightweight competitor; the type of crowd favorite that knows how to engage and captivate an audience, that has style and grace, but still knows how to deliver a punch and get the job done at the end of the day.


Everything about Apple is designed to be simple, yet highly effective. You only need one charger for all your Apple devices, and the iPhone iOS hasn’t really changed its design or overall functioning. Everything is easy to use and just makes sense, making it much easier to use for those of us who don’t want to tinker and customize their phone, but simply use it.


Apple still has the greatest number of apps on the market, and users can just about find an app to make any facet of their life easier or more entertaining. Android’s apps are growing and still just as capable, but the operating system just doesn’t have as vast as a selection.

iOS 5

With iOS 5 came Siri and iCloud, which have definitely changed the way that people view a smartphone’s functioning. Siri is an excellent virtual personal assistant that can answer questions, send you reminders, and basically carry on a conversation with you. iCloud allows users to sync all of their information so that they can access their information from any of their devices allowing for continuous connectivity.

While we would love to say that one of these operating systems dominates the other, it simply isn’t true. Both brands offer great features that appeal to different markets. If you are an Apple fanatic, Apple’s phones and operating systems are going to be the greatest thing ever to you no matter what they release. If you are a control freak, you are going to want an Android workhorse of a phone that is completely customizable – something only Android can offer.

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