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Simple Guide to storing Information on your DVDs

data-storage DVDs are a good ways of storing information because it provides up to 4.7 GB of data. Before you start using a DVD for storage, you will need to prepare it to be written on. How do you do that? Well, the first thing you have to do to prepare the disc is to format it. In windows there are two formatting types that you can choose from. There is the live file system or the mastered. The live fie system is only compatible with windows vp computers or later models, but it allows you to delete and reformat you DVDs if you are using a rewritable disc. Mastered proves to be more compatible but it only permits you to write on a DVD once.

Steps for formatting

1. Open the DVD-ROM drive on the computer and put in the blank disc. In the automatic play dialogue box click “burn files to disc”. If the box does not appear automatically, click “start computer”and then click the disc burner twice.


2. Type your DVD name in the “burn a disc” dialogue box.

3. Click on “show formatting options” which is found at the top of the dialogue box.


4. Click on the check box beside “live file system” or “mastered”.

5. Click the “next” button and your DVD will be formatted. the disc is now ready for storage.

Storing information on your DVD.

Before you begin to burn a DVD you need to first decide on the type of DVD you would like to burn. That decision will  determine the process that you will use to burn the DVD.

The first step in burning data to your DVD is to purchase or download any of the DVD burning software available on the market, if you do not have one installed and configured for your DVD burner.

After doing so open up the software.

– Identify the type of DVD that you want to burn.

– Identify the option that allows you to burn a data disc.

– If you did not yet do so, insert your DVD into the DVD drive.

– Open the file selection window to choose the files you wish to add to your DVD.

– Add the files by selecting the folder with the plus sign on top of the user interface, or open up a new window and  drag and drop the files you want to store to your DVD from your hard drive to your DVD.

– Finally, click the icon that says ‘burn disc”

The progress bar will keep you up to date on how much is burnt until it completed.

Some Free DVD Burning Softwares:

  • Burn Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs with CDBurnerXP
  • Free Fast CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD Burner
  • Totally Free CD/DVD Burner

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