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5 Best Money Saving iPhone Apps

One of the nice things about having an iPhone is that you can access the App Store. With the App Store, you can download thousands of different applications from many different genres. You can download game apps, productivity apps, and many other applications. However, some of the best apps to download are the ones that can save you money. Here are some of the best money-saving iPhone apps that you can download.

Coupon Sherpa


Coupon Sherpa is an application to make it easy to use coupons while you are in the store. The app is free, and it makes it possible for you to search for coupons by store or by product. Coupon Sherpa is easy to use, and it has access to a lot of different coupons for products that you will really use.

Dinner Spinner


Dinner Spinner is another cool app that can help you save quite a bit of money by helping you get more out of the things you have. With Dinner Spinner, you can enter the things that you have in your pantry, and the application will come up with a meal that you can make. It also help you keep track of the ingredients that you need the next time you go to the store.



GasBuddy is an application that makes it easier for you to save money on gas. If you have paid any attention to gas prices recently, you know that they are way too high. Because of this, finding ways to save on gas is important for most people. With GasBuddy, you can find out where the cheapest gas prices are in town. The application tracks the gas prices from every gas station, and then uses your current location to give you a list of gas stations that you can go to.



Skype is an iPhone application that makes it easy for you to save money on your cell phone plan. If you don’t want to have to spend a lot of money on a cell phone plan, you can just use Skype to make the majority of your calls. When you are on a Wi-Fi connection, you can take phone calls to other Skype users for free. You won’t have to worry about keeping track of minutes or anything else. Just make a call and talk as long as you want. You also have the option of doing video calls and instant messaging with this application.

TextFree Unlimited


TextFree Unlimited is a nice application that makes it possible for you to completely get rid of your text messaging plan if you want. With TextFree Unlimited, you can send and receive as many text messages as you want. The messages are sent through the Internet, so you’ll still need to have a data plan or be connected to Wi-Fi. With this application, you cannot use your regular phone number or receive messages when the app isn’t open. However, if you can get past those limitations, you could save quite a bit of money every month. The app only costs $5.99 and you don’t have to pay any monthly usage charges or charges per text message.

Any of these applications can save you money over time if you use them regularly. By changing a few of your iPhone usage habits, you could integrate these into your routine and keep more money in your pocket.

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