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Top 5 Best FREE Email Clients (Windows)

As security and customization become paramount in emails, both for individuals and companies, email hosting has become a strongly preferred solution. However, the hosting service itself often offers either a clunky interface or no interface at all.

The best solution for most people is to use one of the free email desktop clients, granting the joy of a usable interface and the many advantages of professional email hosting. Here are five of our favorite email clients.

5. Mulberry


This highly diverse, capable, and powerful client has just about everything you could ever want. It supports all the major email server types, is surprisingly fast for its features, and is stable to boot.

The interface is a tad cluttered and challenging to use, but once you’re past the learning curve you’re sure to enjoy it.

4. Pegasus


Pegasus has been a favorite for many years, and there are dozens of reasons why. Among the more important are its intense security features and well-rounded capabilities.

Its interface is a bit confusing to navigate, and lacks quick-click controls, but the trade-off is well worth it for many.

3. Alpine


If you want something incredibly simple and lightweight, Alpine is the way to go. This Pine based message system is the lightest of the lightweights, and comes with the most basic of features.

It has great customization options for anyone who wants to expand on either the appearance or functionality. For the minimalist, customization-obsessed, or anyone who’s running off very low computer specs, this is the way to go.

2. Opera


Opera allows you to do everything that’s really important, but it also integrates a lovely RSS feed feature. This means that you can import information from any source that puts out a feed of their own, including many stores, sites, and blogs. Opera Mail also features great extras like a “low bandwidth mode” that allows for bonuses like:

  • simplified message retrieval
  • access to multiple accounts
  • offline access to your messages and composition tools
  • advanced filtering and organization options
  • an adaptive mail system that learns from your habits
  • follow/ignore options

The only real downfall is the lack of encryption capabilities and a lackluster HTML editor.

1. Thunderbird


The brief way to describe Thunderbird is that “anything they can do, it can do better.” Brought to you by the same company that brought you Firefox, TB is likely the most secure platform out there. It doesn’t take a hit when it comes to features, either. Thunderbird has a great email editor, an RSS feed, superb organization options, a tight-mesh spam filter, dozens of features, and a user-friendly user interface.

Very few people have found much to complain about within TB. The primary complaints come off more as suggestions on features that could be added, and almost all of the reviews have stated that they’re simply impressed with the platform. For most users, Thunderbird is the way to go.

Professional hosting may seem like an impossibility for those without knowledge or resources, but this information and the items mentioned in it should get you on the road. There are also plenty of other free email clients, so feel free to go out and experiment.

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