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10 Best WordPress Plugins To Propel Your Money Blog

wordpress-money Bloggers! I believe you want to propel you money blog. Get the best word press plug-in and make good use of them. Let us look at the top ten plug-in that will boost your blog to a higher place.


1. Akismet

There is no one who like seeing a lot of spam in his or her sites. Some could be too busy and lack time to remove those spam. The Akismet will stop those spam from your site. When you install it your blog will be free from spam and you’ll not need to keep on checking whether there are spam. It deletes the spam automatically after 15 days.

2. All in one SEO

This one of the bloggers favorite, reason; because it optimizes blog and that is what people are looking for. It leads to high traffic increase making it easy to market your blog. It allows bloggers to use meta tags and meta descriptions.

3. Follow my link

Many people like commenting and leaving a ‘follow me’ link. Follow my link help in preventing your wordpress blog to automatically add a “rel=nofollow“. You need to install this to help ease your blog work. It also helps in reducing spammers from your blog leading to only useful people and comments on your blog.

4. Frame free

Many bloggers who optimizes their blogs by doing social book marking in sites such as; Digg, Facebook, Google Images and Ow.ly notices frames on their posts. These social bookmarking sites creates frames for blogs or sites, when you install frame free plug-in, it works on this by inserting JavaScript in your HTML.

5. iTranslator

You may offering a very good information or top news in a certain niche but because it is appearing in only on language viewers and readers will be very few. The iTranslator plugin helps in translating your blog into 40 different languages. This way many people can visit your blog and get something from it. It is one of the SEO tools that people don’t recognize so it is good to install this plugin.

6. No-no follow

This kind of a plug-in prevents the links that can be linked into your blog to others. It removes the nofollow links from your blog. It also helps in improving your SEO works.

7. WP-Sentinel

This kind of plug-in increases the security of your blog by blocking attacks from crackers, lamers, black hats, h4x0r and others. If you have installed this kind of a plugin and your blog happen to be attacked, you’ll be notified and the attacker will be blocked and be included in the blacklist.

8. Quick cache

This plugin works on the speed of your blog by creating caches for your post, pages category and links.  For the search engines to creep on.

9. WordPress database backup

This kind of plugin protects your wordpress blog’s data and site. It backs up the technology secure online serves, site settings, pages, posts and comments and also themes and plugins

10. Google XML sitemap

This type of plug-in helps in creating a XML sitemap for your making the search engines to index your blog.  Sitemap helps the crawler to get the structure of your blog easily.

All of the wordpress plugins will really help in improving your blog and marketing it will be easy. It will sell in a faster way and so, using them will be very profitable to your site.


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