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The Facts and Fibs of Cloud Storage or Computing

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As cloud computing and storage rolled out for thousands of business owners and web services, there have been an incredible amount of myths floating around on the internet. These myths must be debunked so that those who are new to this technology are not wrapped up in a state of confusion.

Most cloud technology is not only simple to use, but it is much more common than you may think it is. By the end of this post, you will be able to see not only just how secure it is, but just how popular it has become as of recently. Cloud storage and computing has yet to evolve to its full potential; but it is already winning over some big names.

Myth: It Is Easy To Tell When One Is Using the Cloud

The truth is many sites and businesses are using the cloud for different purposes. You may not know it, but many of the websites that you or your business uses are currently using cloud technology. This includes social sites such as Facebook, or web services such as online bill payment processors.

If you use file sharing websites to share documents between the business and employees, you are using cloud technology then as well. Cloud storage covers nearly any form of storage that takes place online; this way, you can access the information at any time with an internet connection.

Myth: Cloud Service Providers Are Worry Free

This myth could not be further from the truth, because these service providers have a lot to worry about. Their biggest concern is the security of your business’ sensitive information. Since they wish for businesses and individuals to trust their security, they most definitely do not want the data to be compromised in any way. Trend Micro’s solutions for virtualization security enable you to allow your business to go digital, without having to worry about someone or something getting to your stored data. Reputable cloud storage or computing providers offer state of the art security measures, so that they can keep hackers and intruders far away from the stored files or operating systems.

Myth: The Cloud Is Too Expensive For Most Businesses

Cloud storage and computing allow your business to utilize shared servers, rather than having to invest in a private server or virtual private server. This means that cloud storage cuts the costs of storing and transferring data; especially since you do not have to invest in the physical storage.

However, if you have a lot of data to store or share, you may need to go with a VPN for the plentiful storage space. VPNs can also host cloud storage as well. Since the purpose of a cloud is to access information from different devices or access points, it is actually a very versatile method of storage. Even so, activating cloud storage is still incredibly cheap on a local level. The type of cloud storage you will need will depend upon the size of the business and its storage needs, so be sure to evaluate and predict your current and future needs to find the cloud storage or computing option that is best for your business.

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