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Could Facebook Be Better? You Bet!

Better Facebook

With the showdown between the new social network of Google+ against the reigning champion of Facebook, many have asked if Google’s new offering could be a FB killer. Facebook, though popular and the de facto social site that many first sign up for, has been a thorn to many of its users side. Between the constant updating of the privacy policy (which seems to be updated at least once a month), as well as the ads and games that drive users nuts, many that have flocked to G+ are just an official release away from dropping Facebook forever.

But what if you could make Facebook better? That’s what an extension called Better Facebook wants to achieve. Available for most of the popular browsers (sorry IE folks, not for you just yet), Better Facebook does what users have wanted to do for some time now on the site.

 Take back their control.

Giving users back control of their social network is something that many users want; Better Facebook is easily installed and features several controls for FB fans, such as muting posts, putting games in separate tab, and even getting rid of those constant ads and ‘people Facebook thinks you know’ (which in most cases, you don’t). If this reminds you G+ers of something, you’re right; it’s the same type of control that G+ users have and aspects that many of those also on Facebook wish the popular site had.

Filter Feed

Mark as Read/Mute

One of the hassles of FB is seeing posts that you’ve already read or those that have gotten out of control and away from you within your stream. Better Facebook allows you to mark (and hide) those posts you’ve already read, as well as mute those long posts that are too much or not interesting to you.

Friend Circles

The popularity of Google+ has many things, but one of the most popular is that of Circles. Just like in real life where you have different groups of different friends, G+ allows you to group those folks into different groups as well. This is the major contention users of Facebook have; you may want to post that awesome weekend in Vegas photo, but that means EVERYONE on FB will see it – your mom, your grandma, and even your boss. Better Facebook however brings the G+ circle to Facebook, by allowing you to group friends. You can now chose which people you want to view which post or picture, without the hassle of making a group.

Hide Annoying Notifications

Do you care that your mom changed her profile picture? Or that your best friend from elementary school now likes Target? The answer is probably not and Better Facebook understands that. You can now stop all of that nonsense by hiding those notifications.

Tabbed News Feed


Ah, the number one reason Facebook users never get anything done. While your friend may care about saving Farmville from those Vampire Werewolves, you don’t and nothing clogs up a news feed than requests that you help them on their farm or beat their score in whatever new game comes up. Better Facebook not only gives you a separate tab to juggle all those games you play, but for the people who don’t care what so ever, they can block your requests.

Facebook will never actually go under, no matter how many people wish for it, and with Better Facebook, FB addicts can now take control over what they have on their page. Not only can they hide notifications, they separate friends for better posting, and includes a feature that only Twitter and MySpace allowed – background themes! Yes, you can now make Facebook look like you actually own your page by either using the themes given by Better Facebook or customizing your own.

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