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Using Facebook and SEO: Generating Natural Backlinks

fb-seo Anyone knowledgeable about SEO, whether it’s a webmaster or an SEM specialist, will certainly agree that only the most paltry SEO strategies fail to address the need for quality backlinks and continual growth in links to the client site. And the link between Facebook and SEO, where social media marketing can simultaneously drive traffic to the site and produce this naturally perpetuating backlink growth may also be relatively known. But getting it to happen is a different story.

The hard truth is that there’s no quick and easy way to get Facebook, Twitter, or Digg users to link to a site. If there were, everyone would figure it out, use it, and either people would wise up, the social media platforms would enact changes, or search engines would learn to catch the cheap links, and the strategy would end up nullified.

The first thing that many peoples’ minds turn to is having good content that people want to link to and share. It’s the watered-down version of going viral. But in the year 2011, it is incredibly difficult to get Facebookers’ attention long enough for them to ingest most offerings, let alone repost them, unless it’s some internet meme. And this is already difficult for many businesses, such as local dentistry clinics, for example, because they don’t have a lot of relevant options for content to begin with. So that route to improve Facebook and SEO marketing simultaneously is out for many businesses, unless they get lucky with a great idea or a very creative and effective online marketing company.

The second half of the hard truth is that where quality content is absent, experience and effort can step in. Again, these aren’t strategies or resources that most businesses can manage on their own. A social network marketing firm often has the connections with “hub” contacts on various platforms, the experience and manpower necessary to draw attention to a topic or business and get some momentum going, and the experience to create the right types of media and activities to make an impact on a targeted section of a network’s community. But it takes time, effort, the ability to leverage resources accrued over time, and some luck. And it requires the ability to effectively craft Facebook advertising and SEO marketing strategies in tandem to draw the maximum value out of the effort.


The short conclusion to be drawn is that any business that believes it could benefit from being exposed to new potential clients on Facebook – and that really means all businesses – as well as from SEO and improving SEO efforts by generating backlinks from social networks should invest in the services of a multi-medium online marketing company that has the resources and experience necessary to make it all happen.


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