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How to avoid wasting time on Facebook


Nowadays, the internet has proved to be the most important feature everywhere. With the help of internet, you can complete loads of jobs or your routine tasks in the expected time. The basic difference is that the work you have to do without internet will require lots of time and effort, but with the help of internet you can do that work very easily and in very less time…

The features of the internet can be useful as well as it can be harmful. Nowadays, when all the work can be done through internet, this also provides some features which are resulting in the wastage of the time on the internet. This is by several means such as social networking sites, video uploading sites, song downloading sites and many more. The main social networking site which is the big reason for the time wastage in the current generation is Facebook. Facebook was invented by Mark Zuckerberg and now is a very famous social networking site which has billions of members.

facebook-waste2With the increasing number of new users, Facebook is becoming more and more popular in all age groups. Facebook is providing countless features which involve sharing of videos and snapshots or it can be posting a status with any saying or quote. This results in wasting a lot of time on facebook which you can utilize in other works. Anyways, you can save much of your time by taking some important measures which can be very beneficial to you. You can avoid using of chat box for which you sit and waste the time by chatting for long period of hours in a day as well as in the night. Some tips which you can follow for the prevention of time which is wasted on Facebook are mentioned below.

Turn Off Facebook Chat:

The first step which you can take for achieving your goal is to turn your chat option to offline mode. This will help you in saving a lot of time which is utilized in the process of chatting. This is the finest and easiest method for saving the time. This will let you and your friends feel bad, but friends can compromise, but your work will not compromise with you.

Ignore random Add Requests:

The second measure which you can take to save some time is to ignore the request from a random person if you don’t know that person exactly. When someone is sending you a friend request on the facebook, and you do not know that person properly, you can just follow some inquiry by asking about that person from other person or the person himself. This will engage your time and this can be increased if you are accepting their request.

Ignore Games and other Application Requests:

You can also avoid getting some application request from your friends. The application requests which you get from any random person among your friends can be very interesting or attractive. The application will force you to think about their result by their attractive name. But don’t do this, as the application on the facebook requires a lot of time which you can save by ignoring that request.

The other tips and tricks which involve in the process of saving your time in is avoiding the requests for games and other applications. By using a timer with the use of Facebook you can make up your mind to follow the timing for spending on the facebook. By stopping the process of getting constant emails and notifications and checking them, you can save a lot of time.

Block Unnecessary News Updates

You can also save your time by blocking the news updates you are getting from a friend who is not so much close to you and you don’t want to become bad for the person by deleting them from your account. This can be done by an easy method to just click on the top right corner of the post by that person and click on the Unsubscribe (name of that person).

A quick checklist of points to remember :

  • Maintain a Social Media Schedule.
  • Designate  only a specify amount of time daily on facebook ( half an hour or so).
  • Avoid lengthy chat conversations.
  • Stop looking for hot girls/boys on facebook.
  • Limit commenting on comment threads(Use”Unfollow”).
  • Stop poking people.
  • Stop liking other’s photos, status updates, on daily basis.
  • Stop sharing cute pictures(babies, animals, birds, love/ inspirational quotes, celebrities,etc)
  • Unsubscribe/unfriend spammers.
  • Don’t watch videos on Facebook.

Above tips will surely help you save your precious time from being wasted on facebook and can be used for some productive work.

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  • The primary use of facebook is to network with friends and family. Others might use it to promote causes, blogs, businesses or events. I feel that if someone has something they would like me to know about, they should have the time and interest to directly message me instead of just updating their status. The best way to stop wasting time of facebook is to check for activity that is directed at me and then use the X button on the top right corner of the browser or tab! Nice post, Vikram.

  • You should have said, just quit that Sh** and get back to work 😀 hehe just kidding.. totally awesome points you have suggested here. Thanks for that.


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