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Google Web Hosting- Is It a Good Choice for You?

web-hosting-google Finding a suitable answer to this question is definitely impossible without knowing for sure what Google web hosting offers its users. First of all, it is important to know that Google provides free web hosting, which can be easily found on the Google Sites. The tools that Google provides together with the free web hosting offer enable users to create great web pages without putting in too much effort. Therefore, this web hosting alternative is also suitable for beginners. Additionally, the information is going to be stored in your account so you can easily check it and change your website the way you want it, when you want it.

Google Web Hosting: The Most Essential Features That You Should Know

Prior to analyzing some other aspects that relate to Google web hosting, you should discover the most important features of this service. Thus, Google provides the followings:

  • The best Google technology and tools have been included into the free web hosting service. A very useful tool, especially for clubs and organizations, is the one that allows a webmaster to give access to different people in order to post information on the website.
  • Google provides different pre-made templates, which can be very helpful especially for new webmasters who do not posses the right skills for website creation.
  • The editor function relates to the type “what you see is what you get,” also known as WYSIWYG. This feature helps users to add pages and content the way they want it.
  • The page creation function allows you to create numerous pages. Furthermore, the edit function enables you to customize the pages the way you want.

What Google Web Hosting Can Actually Do For Your Business

The first important thing in Google website creation section is the fact that the configurations and plug-ins are very easy to use, allowing users to make different adjustments. Additionally, Google allows you to add more functionality on your website after creating it. Thus, with a little bit of knowledge and work, your website will look just like the creation of a professional.

A truly great advantage that Google web hosting provides is the fact that your website can benefit from more traffic than those websites, which are accommodated by other web hosting alternatives. And this is because Google itself imposes specific rules so that the websites that it hosts are the first ones to be promoted if they respect those requirements. Therefore, the main condition for enjoying heavy traffic is to respect Google’s requirements.

A Few Drawbacks

Although many people consider that Google web hosting is a great choice, there are a few disadvantages that you should know prior to choosing this alternative. All those who intend to develop a personal, basic web page should definitely choose Google web hosting. But, if you are searching for web hosting in order to develop a professional website, maybe you should consider getting some other alternatives.

  • The reason that lies behind this advice relates to the fact that Google provides limited tools and resources.
  • The space quota shows 100 megabytes storage space and 20 megabytes for attachments. These values are not suitable for a business website. For only a few dollars a month, you can enjoy the services of a web hosting company, which provides numerous tools and unlimited resources.
  • Additionally, Google does not allow users to select a specific domain name.
  • Moreover, Google can delete your website if something looks suspicious or the action represents a benefit to the host itself. In conclusion, the free Google web hosting might meet the demands of numerous individuals. However, it is essential to bear in mind that this alternative does not represent the best possible choice for a business website, which expects an increase in its activity.

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