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Google bashes keyword over optimization


Search Engine Optimization, the very favorite topic of many bloggers and web promoting agencies which helped make fortunes out of it is going to change its face. By optimizing blogs and websites for a particular keyword, it is possible to attract visitors. As the number of visitors increases, there will be a proportionate increase in ad revenue. If the usage of keywords loses its relevance, it will create new issues. Usually, Google will change its algorithm to prevent exploitation of keyword usage. The latest announcement from Google gives a warning signal to those who are involved in the misuse of keywords.

Typically Google will not announce the forthcoming changes. It is reported that Google engineers are seriously working on a project to prevent all kinds of misusage happening through SEO.

The new algorithm will be applicable in the coming months as soon as the testing phase completes. The changes are intended to prevent optimization beyond certain levels. There are occasions where a particular word is repeatedly used for lack of alternative word. The new change will impact the genuine work done by great authors as well. Web content creators should be proactive to digest the new changes. If the content fails to meet the set criteria as is going to be implemented in the coming weeks, the website might be banned entirely. The web pages will not be indexed if they fail to meet the set criteria.

The new changes in GoogleBot are intended to make it smarter than ever before. It is intended to create more relevance. It is also designed to bring a full stop to the abuse of keywords. You might have come across web pages in which certain words are repeatedly used for ‘n’ number of times. Content creators and website owners should have concern for readers as well instead of implementing selfish strategies to appease the search engines. The exchange of links with other websites is another point of concern which is being misused widely by bloggers and website owners. It is difficult to understand the factors that are taken into account by Google to decide the page rank. However, by taking certain precautions and intelligently adding keywords, you will be able to take advantage of the Google indexing mechanism, and you will NOT be penalized or banned by Google search engine.


  • · You should not over optimize keywords
  • · As far as possible use different kinds of words instead of using the same word again and again
  • · Keywords should be embedded in a natural way
  • · You should fine-tune content to be well presented to your audience
  • · You should have plans to expose your website’s popularity in a natural way by providing interesting and useful content instead of completely depending on SEO to get quick success
  • · On page optimization should be implemented in a phased manner
  • · You should ensure that backlinks to your site will be added on a consistent basis.


  • · You should not link a page from the same page with an intention to optimize anchor text
  • · Linking specific portion of a web page with many other web pages present on the same site with an aim to optimize anchor text
  • · You should not highly maximize anchor text on backlinks. Even if 10% of the overall links contain highly optimized anchor text, it will be treated s over optimization.
  • · Usage of the generic keyword as domain name

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