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How to clean LCD screens


Nowadays all the old CRT monitors are replaced with the LCD’s. People prefer LCD ’s because they are cheap, occupy less space, easy on the eyes, consume very less electricity compared to the CRT monitors.

However, special care should be taken while using LCD for a better life and to prevent damage. One should understand that LCD displays are NOT GLASS. Do not clean the laptop screens or LCD panels with a normal cloth the way we clean CRT monitors. LCD’s consists of a Soft film which is prone to damage from scratches. Using a wrong cloth or tissue paper may leave scratches causing permanent damage, even applying too much pressure on the panel or touching with fingertips may burn some pixels.

One major problem using LCD screens is that they gather a lot of dust due to its static nature. It becomes necessary to clean the LCD monitors regularly for better viewing.

Basic Cleaning Tips

Here are few cleaning tips which will help you a lot,

  • But before actually cleaning  just unplug your monitor examine the smudges or damaged areas and try to clean using a MicroFibre cloth, gently brush off the dust particles(remember: do not apply too much pressure)
  • For cleaning, I recommend using LCD cleaning solutions that we get in the market. These solutions are quite cheap and available in all computer stores, you can even buy them on amazon. Alternately you can even prepare a homemade LCD cleaning solution. All you will need is Isopropyl alcohol and distilled water

Remember, not ordinary tap water as it contains dissolved salts and other chemicals like chloride which may leave residue or even white smears on the screen permanently.

A  simple mix of 50% isopropyl alcohol and 50% distilled water and the cleaning solution is ready.


  • Now dampen a soft cloth preferably a MicroFibre cloth with the Cleaning solution and gently wipe the screen in circular motion. NEVER spray the solution directly on the LCD screen.


  • Make sure the screen is thoroughly dry when you turn it on.


I have even heard  Absolut Vodka is a good cleaning solution, not quite sure, never tried. Other counterfeit vodka’s have a hint of acetone smell, similar to nail varnish and acetone may damage LCD screen. So, any kind of alcohol not recommended.

Now we get LCD cleaning solution with anti-static elements in it, this will help keep dust away to some extent. Also, using a protective covering for the screen will be a very good thing to do. Buy from your manufacturer as it will fit perfectly on your screen.

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