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How To Make A Blog That Beats Wikipedia

wikipedia- Whenever you need certain information and you want to get all the detail on that specific keyword you always prefer to check Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia. Information found on Wiki is accurate and updated frequently. The wikipedia gives a good picture and definition you need regarding a certain keyword. All kinds of things that are under the sun can be found on it. This has made it very useful and known across the world. Many students are getting a lot of information from it

Here are few points that will help make your blog as powerful as Wiki.

Managed content and site design:

You can also make your blog better than wikipedia. This is not nonsense ! It is a fact!  One thing I like about wikipedia is how they present their website. All the content is well arranged and you can easily see it. It is divided and sub divided into different titles that gives only what is on the topic. On it, you will get details of it.  They also provide a link to a specific page where you can get more information that you want. Would you be able to do all these on your blog? The answer is so obvious, the determination matters.

Quality Content:

Beating wikipedia means becoming the source of information that cannot be available in any other blog or website. It is people not systems who operate  wikipedia. It allows people to contribute and update information (even anonymously), off course which is further modified and moderated for quality, originality and accuracy. People don’t like contaminated information, they want the original one and this brings a lot of attention from the search engine and people.


While doing all this forget business and money, be not in a hurry to sell your blog. Put your effort in growing your blog – You cannot expect more than what you deliver. You cannot move this immovable mountain if you are not valuing your work. Impress the search engine and people whom you are giving the information.

Original Content:

Do not use any used information, don’t get it from other people’s websites. People could have read it again and again and they might even confuse your website with another one that they don’t want. Having a lot of duplicated post is like spamming your own blog.


After you are through with this you can start backlink building. This is by leaving relevant links and comments on different websites; this will make the search engines to pay attention on your blog thereby increasing traffic to your site. Generate Backlinks from websites related to your niche.

Regular Updates:

Make sure you update your blog every now and then, this is to make your viewers get new information and be informed. Remember not to make any mistake of using any wikipedia related content. This is to avoid similarity of your work.

Concentrate on your niche, don’t move a little bit far from it.  Improve on it and let it grow in to higher level. Make it known and beat the wikipedia.

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