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Best WordPress Security Plugins

wordpress-security These days you might have seen hundreds of websites/bogs getting hacked and defaced by Black Hat hackers. Every blog owner wants his/her blog to be safe from various attacks by these hackers. Wordpress is the world’s  most used platform for making a blog. Although wordpress is a secure platform to design a blog still many wordpress blogs get hacked. So as a blog owner what you can do ? Answer is you can install various  Security plugins to prevent your blog from getting hacked. So here is he list of best and must have security plugins for wordpress.

WordPress Security Scan:

This is one of the best security plugins that is widely used by webmasters all over the world. The plugin uses the Linux style of user accesses and permissions. Upon installation the plugin will first check your installation and point out any vulnerability that might affect your installation. It will then suggest some corrective measures on aspects such as passwords, files, versioning and databases. Currently the plugin is available for WordPress 3.0 and runs on the PHP 5 platform.

Stealth Login:

This is another excellent plugin that will protect you against the XSS attacks or attacks similar to it. The plugin works by making custom URLs for your login and logging out pages so that nonce can ever come to know about the actual address of your administration pages. The mapping of these pages is stored on a separate PHP file that is used as and when required when we are doing some changes on our blog.


The plugin is best suited for the backup of the database that will be storing all the important information about your blog. All the important core and tables are restored by this plugin on regular basis. The simple and easy to use interface will let you know what operations are being performed on your database. The plugin is a must have for those whose hosting have prone to failures. The backup data can be emailed or simply downloaded on your machine.

Bullet Proof Security:

This type plugin is designed to protect your WordPress blog from any kind of immature attacks like SQL Injection, XSS, Base64 and much more. The plugin secures the .htaccess file of the Apache Web Server. The other additional checks such as disabling of DB errors, System Info regarding PHP, MySQL, OS and much more. Simple one click access of this plugin will help you to access and modify the .htaccess file so that you can secure your site better.

Login Lock Down:

This security plugin is best suited against the brute force password recovery attacks. This plugin employs the use of a timer that would allow a user to login to a system. The plugin records the IP Address and the timestamp of the visitor and it also assigns a significant number of attempts before the login page for that user get disabled for a temporary amount of time.


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