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7 Tips to Increase e-mail Subscriptions

clip_image002Your email subscribers lie at the heart of your online business and its income. Build a large network of email subscribers and you have a very solid foundation, based on mutual trust and familiarity with your company, for an ongoing business relationship. With this in mind, great care and attention should be paid to getting as many customers to sign up to your emails and newsletters – it is a sure-fire way to build your business, which is why you need to know these seven ways to increase the number of subscriptions.

Promise group ‘membership’.

No, you don’t have to set up a fan club, just make it clear that email subscribers will be joining a larger group of people. Ensure that they can see testimonials from other satisfied customers and – even if you’re only just starting out – they receive the impression they are one of many. Give links to your social media so potential subscribers can see just how many people are talking about you online.

Be assertive!

Make your emails stirring exhortations rather than polite requests. Don’t ask whether somebody wishes to subscribe – say “Don’t delay! Subscribe today!”, or words to that effect. There’s no need to sound like a tyrant or to be rude when being assertive, but customers respond well to the direct approach. Customers like to know they are subscribing to a business that is confident in what it does.

Use graphics and images.

People prefer email messages to be about engaging images rather than dense text. Try making the most of the visual element.

Avoid off-putting elements.

To make your emails as attractive as possible to potential customers, you need to overcome fears and reservations about subscribing, which means avoiding pitfalls such as bombarding your audience with updates, sending messages that are not what you initially agreed and making it complicated to unsubscribe.

Optimize for mobile devices.

With the vast majority of email business being undertaken via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, you need to make sure your messages are compatible with them. If people can receive and enjoy your messages on the move, they are more likely to subscribe.

Make use of video.

When used sparingly and properly targeted, embedding videos in your email messages can work wonders, as long as they are accessible from all devices, mobile or otherwise!

Time your messages well.

The best time to send promotional emails is during the morning and evenings, when people are most likely to be checking their messages and shopping online. Free email marketing services exist, and there is also excellent email software that will schedule your mailouts.

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