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Hackers Hijack Hundreds of Instagram Accounts

Hacks reporting on Instagram accounts has risen massively over the past few days. The platform still remains overcast.


The fact that accounts are hacked is not something new on Instagram nor anywhere else on the internet. So far, however, the hacking was often limited to really big accounts. Recently, however, a growing number of users with smaller numbers of followers are reporting that their accounts have been hacked – and all are united in a similar approach.

Massive increase in messages about account hacks

As Mashable reported on Tuesday, Twitter’s and Instagram tweets piling up on hacks. In the past week alone, there were more than 5,000 tweets of nearly 900 accounts – in July, however, only about 40 tweets were dropped on the topic. In addition to the increase in tweets on the topic. There are numerous reports on Reddit and Google Trends shows peaks on “Instagram hacked” in the past few days.

The Instagrammer notice the hack only when they open the app and suddenly logged out. When you try to log in, you will be notified that the username does not exist. Looking at the account itself, they quickly realize that both the handle and the profile picture have been exchanged. Also, links to Facebook accounts, the e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers, ie any contact addresses, have e-mail addresses accounts instagram has been replaced. What the hacked accounts have in common is that the new e-mail addresses all lead to Russian providers.

Instagram has said it has not seen a surge in hack yet, but the many tweets speak a different language. Now the Facebook subsidiary has today responded and asks users via Twitter to have been hacked on suspicion to follow the instructions.

However, many affected users are not satisfied with this “help”. Because unlike Google, they receive no e-mail, for example, when someone from a new computer logs in or changes are made. Also, the troubleshooting steps outlined above cannot be followed if the accounts have already been hacked and their contact details changed, because then they will lose access. The linked standard steps are actually not very helpful and the picture also draws the many retweets. More useful, however, should be the tip of Twitter User Momica, which indicates that the report on the desktop version should be sent instead of the app.

Security issue and troubleshooting issues 

Still, there seems to be a massive security problem on the platform right now. Although many sufferers did not activate them, the two-factor authentication seems to ignore the whole thing. The note Momica works well only if the e-mail address after the hack is still the same. The opinion of the platform should also satisfy only a few:

We work hard to provide the Instagram community with a safe and secure experience. They have compromised, so they have come to terms with their claims.

Because as simple as the procedure sounds here, it is not in reality. While they try to work through the tutorial and the reporting, the users usually remain on a baffled post. “The maze did Instagram sends you on to get your account back is laughable and leads to broken/dead links and emails from robots Which lead nowhere,” said another user, whose Instagram account was also hacked.

How the hackers gain access to the accounts or whether it is a coordinated attack, is currently not clear. Mashable, however, could make common ground among the hacked accounts: So their avatars and handles were exchanged by Disney or Pixar characters and erased the Bio‘s. The e-mail addresses are now all from Russian providers. In contrast to the usual procedure, however, the existing pictures and videos are not deleted and no new ones are posted – only the access is made impossible by changing the contact information.

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