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HOW TO Instagram Social Media Marketing (SMM)

How to Use Instagram to Promote your Business


Instagram is a very popular iPhone and Android app among millions who share photos every day with their friends and family. Most people use it on their smartphones to showcase their daily activities through photos, whether they are showing friends a great meal or beautiful weather they can’t help but share.

Businesses can also utilize Instagram‘s popularity to reach their customers on a more personal note. Here are six ways you can use Instagram to boost awareness of your brand as well as customer loyalty.

Let images speak louder than words

Web users love visuals. In a study that analyzed activity on journalists’ pages, for example, Facebook found that posts with visuals received 50% more likes than non-visual posts. Images seem to compel people more than words alone.

Instagram offers your business a medium for tapping into the power of images. You can foster more engagement and develop better relationships by providing regular visuals to those interested in your brand.

Geo-tag uploaded images

Geo-tag images if you want followers to know where you are, whether it is at the office or in the middle of a convention. If you want people to swing by the office on a certain day, for example, reveal your location to remind them where you are. Enhance you ability to network while at busy events by visually chronicling your surroundings and using geo-tag to give followers a heads-up about where you are.

Use website address in profile section

Include your company website in the profile section to direct followers to your official site. This helps drive loyal customers, and interested potential customers, to the best source for learning more about the products and services your business offers.

Involve your followers

Instagram was created to help people capture, alter, share, and – just as important – talk about images. So, you should not let your presence on Instagram turn into a one-way conversation; instead, open it up, and let your followers chime in. Ask what they like or don’t like about your updates.

You can also let them join in creating content. Encourage them to snap pictures taken while using your product, for example. Not only does involvement help bring you closer to customers, but you could be surprised at how compelling and creative your users’ images can be. By not involving your followers, you could be depriving your business of an excellent creative resource.

Be real, not too promotional

Burberry has attracted hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram. One reason for the attention is because they started using it early; the other reason, the CEO of Instagram has said, is because they use it well. They upload images that look real, not commercial. They don’t seem to selling; instead, they look to be sharing.

In other words, they come across as real. By leaving followers with that impression, their images come together to be an effective way to engage viewers and increase brand awareness, all without being invasive.

Share fun images

For most brands, it is a good idea to keep your images fun. Many Instagrams followers use the service because it is a form of entertainment, as is social media in general, which helps explain why positive content tends to get more likes.

So, keep images positive in tone – perhaps snapshots of everyday operations, with employees visibly happy and productive, or satisfied customers showing off a recent purchase. That way, you are sharing light-hearted experience that will bring smiles and brighten users’ moods.

Images are increasingly becoming one of the most important ways to reach out to customers and develop relationships. Instagram offers a popular platform for showcasing what your business is about and what you offer, and savvy business owners should work it into their marketing strategy.

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