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How to Instantly Drive More Traffic to Your Site – Use Google Images!

A look at an often over-looked method for generating targeted traffic to a website.

If you have a website, chances are that you have invested heavily into getting it up and running, not just financially, but also time in research and development. But, now that you have it, you want it to get noticed.

There are several avenues that website owners have taken to promote their hard work. Some of them are quite time consuming, while others are costly, with varying success rates.

When you have something that people are looking for whether that be a product, or information, then you need to let them know you have it. Search engines can be utilized to generate new traffic by employing keywords and phrases dispersed throughout your articles and website content.

You can also use photo images. I am not talking about simply grabbing attention in an article by adding images that will attract those who are browsing. Photos, like pages, can also be ranked in the “photo” search engines, such as Google Images.

You can hire someone to take them. Or, the photos can be those you have taken yourself, and published “as is”, or you could do a a little cropping or resizing or even hire a professional photo retoucher to bring them to the next level.

Read on to learn more.

What is Google Images?


Google Images is another chapter of Google, working to allow its users to search the internet for image content.

Just as keywords work in searches for content, the user types in the image they are seeking into Google Image.

Users are directed to images based on the filename, as well as a link text and text adjacent of the available images. When an image is clicked on a small snapshot, or thumbnail, is placed over the owner of that image’s website.

Ben Ling, Director of Search Products at Google, announced in 2010 that they have experienced over 10 billion views of the images used in this service. That’s impressive.

When I first discovered this service I typed in ‘lighthouses’. I was surprised by both the quality of the photos, and the ease of how it directs you to quality websites. Whatever image you type in, it will lead you to websites. At 10 billion hits, one of these websites should be yours.

Take the Extra Steps to Assure Ranking

The photos you add to your website will all be taken in by Google’s spiders, and include them in the Google Images database. However, you need to make the effort to gain success through this service, which is often neglected by website owners.

In order to get your images ranked, you will have to take your photos to the next level with these steps:

  • File name. Typically your images will automatically be tagged by your camera with a random file name, such as DSC44668.jpg, or IMG_56684. If your website is a tree trimming site, and you have a photo of a tree, it will not be found if you don’t change the file name to something relevant, such as ‘tree’, or ‘tree_trimming’.
  • Alt tags. Use a descriptive alt tag on each of your images. Alt tags are what search engine spiders pick up, not the actual photo. Just as with the file name, make it relevant.
  • Description. If you choose to use a content management system, such as WordPress, to add your photos to your site, make sure you take the time to add relevant and descriptive text to each image. This might take a little time, but I have found that the payoff is worth it.

The Benefit of Multiple Photos

Photos on a website are beneficial for two reasons. The first is precisely what I’ve been sharing above, to draw in more traffic.

However, the second benefit of adding photos to your website is that it adds a great deal of character and visual to your print. People are often stimulated by visual aids.

I suggest that you add as many images as your site will allow. There is very little expense in generating digital images, with the exception of a decent camera. If your site will allow it, add 100 photos, or even up to 1000. Remember, each one could lead traffic directly back to you.

Coming up with that many ideas might take time and effort. But, get creative. Before and after shots are always a great visual, or photos of your products. Using guides such as photo retouching tutorials for Photoshop will help in knowing how to create some great work.

Adding that many photos will take time, no doubt. However, it’s a wise investment.

Never too Busy

Everyone is busy these days, I know. If you don’t have the extra time yourself, recruit others to help you.

Perhaps you have an assistant that can take the photos, or create the descriptions. Your spouse might enjoy helping with this as well.

If you don’t have someone readily available to help, consider outsourcing the work. The local high school might have an eager student in their photography class who might want a project for school.

I have utilized freelance workers for helping with projects, when I need extra help. A company like Elance is a great way to hire temporary help.

The point is, this is one time that ‘busy’ should not be an excuse.

In Summary

Generating traffic for your website is the only way it will be successful, and sitting around and simply hoping it happens is not going to work.

I have been working on the Internet for years, and this is one area that I firmly believe should not be neglected by those who want to succeed. Hopefully I have generated enough interest that you will give it a try.

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