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Five iPhone and iPad Cases You Never Thought Existed

Based on popular theory, the brain works as a tandem of its left and right sides. Hence, you choose a case for your Apple device, since your left brain—which refers to your logic—tells you that you need to preserve the functionality of your device and avoid the risk of expensive iPhone or iPad repair.

In the examples cited here, however, you will witness how the right brain overpowers the left. Here are cases not only targeted for protection but also to amuse you.

1. Having Coffee through an iPhone

Before you take a sip of your coffee, watch this video first:

Amazing isn’t it? What you thought as your morning coffee mug turns out to be your iPhone holder. The best part is, it comes in various colors from basic white to neon eye-candy.


This design was popularized in Japan which helped iPhone users have trendy phone holders while their iPhone is on standby. However, this is not ideal if you need to take pictures through your iPhone.

2. Female-Friendly iPad




Maybe Etsy, the designer, can relate to the monthly crisis of most women or it just wants to mock the name “iPad” for its passiveness. Whatever his reasons are, you’d have to cringe at the thought of using a lady’s menstrual napkin as a concept for an iPad case.

Etsy dubbed its brainchild as iMaxi. It is made of vinyl cover with cotton sleeves intended to “keep your iPad clean and dry” as Etsy jocularly puts it.

3. Like a Baby

Perhaps, if you or your woman missed a period, it’s time to treat your iPad like a baby.


Touted as “The Defender,” this iPad Front Tech-Pack carries your iPad like a baby with its baby-carrier straps and support. It may look crazy and dorky, but this is actually useful for people with an active lifestyle or field-related jobs.

4. In Each Others’ Arms

If instead of treating it like a baby and you want your iPad to be your personal partner, then you can use this iArm as your right hand.


With the iArm, you won’t be caught with your hands full. You can even make yourself available for other tasks without keeping your iPad locked up in your bag. The best part is, it can also be used with other tablets, TV remote controls, and even plates! Imagine eating at your favorite restaurant without the need to find a table.

5. Handy Dandy iPhone




How else can your handset be handier without this iPhone case with a disembodied hand? Whether it is intended to complete your Halloween costume or to make you less lonely on Valentines, this “handy” iPhone case surely creates a handful of buzz!

It’s insanely amazing what your mind can do. Do you have any eccentric ideas for your iPhone or iPad case? Share it to us through your comments below.

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