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Making Money Online Without a Website


The common thought these days is that you have to have a website to make money on the Internet. After all, how is somebody going to find you if you do not have a simple web site?

This is not the case however. In fact, I may argue that (especially if you are in the business of providing Internet marketing services) that you may be able to make more money without spending a lot of time on your website – at least in the short run.

Making money providing SEO services is a great way to make money online without having a website. And even if you plan on having a website in the future, it is a great way to past the time and make money working at home while you are working on building a web site out and then monetizing it.

So What Can You Do Without a Website?

There are many ways to make it on the Internet without having to run a website. There are many that are way better than others. If you own a set of skills or have a knowledge base that includes web based properties like being able to program using languages like PHP, JavaScript, and JQuery (tougher scripting languages that might take a month or two to learn on you own), or to be able to build simple websites using HTML and CSS (which can be learned in a week).

Having knowledge in these types of skills will greatly enhance your ability to make money on the web. Even if you don’t want to make money providing these types of services to people – say you don’t want to make a living building web sites for people – you can still use these skills to make money for people in different ways. That being said, it is understandable that everybody that reads this article isn’t going to be quick to jump on the “programming train” right away. Fret not however as there are other ways to make money on the Internet without having to stare at hours of code.

Many of us have heard over and over again about the ways we can make money online being a freelance writer – but there is a huge difference between what is known as volume writing and what is known as actually taking your time to provide quality content as a writer.Volume writing can be a very hard lifestyle. The value of written word is highly decreased when websites are looking for writing that’s sole purpose is to be a keyword collector.

Finding a good writing gig that pays well can be somewhat of a challenge – even if you think you are a great writer. You might as well not even look on sites like Freelancer because there is always somebody that is will to get the job done better, faster, and for a lot less than you.

So where should you look?

Two ways that I would like to share that are great for making money with your writing both have to do with guest posting. Guest posting in the sense of just writing, but also, guest posting in the sense of building links.

Many websites offer up the opportunity to guest post on their site in exchange for money. Other sites might offer up a revenue sharing program (although this is not as lucrative) so that every time you write up an article for their site you can share in the money that the AdSense on that page rakes in.

However, a much more lucrative way to make money with your writing in this fashion is to build links for other companies. There is more than one SEO company out there that is looking to subcontract work out to freelancers, and because of this there is a high demand for freelance writers with a little bit of SEO knowledge and determination to build some links for them and their clients.

This is also beneficial because there are a lot more blogs out there that accept guest posts but do not pay for them. That is because it is very easy for blogs now-a-days to get many free guest posts without having to pay for them – so why would they pay?

You can find these opportunities in a number of ways, but the best way to start looking would be to start using advanced searching operators for looking for guest posts. One of my favorite and most used search operators is:

Keyword (niche) + intitle:”write for us”

It returns all results for pages with “Write For Us” in the title of the page and is a great place to start looking for guest posting opportunities. Other places to start looking are in job boards in forums. There are tons of SEO forums out there that offer jobs in Jobs board sections, and these are the places you want to start searching when you are looking for jobs. Not Freelancing boards like Freelancer.com.

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