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Top 5 Mobile Phone Tips to Remember

Can you imagine leaving your mobile phone inadvertently at home while you’re on your way to the office?  I can only imagine your frustration; I would feel the same way if I were in the same position.helpful-tips

Let’s face it; in today’s very busy world, mobile phones have become so essential that to forget it someplace else causes so much discomfort and alarm to many of us. Why is this so? The answer is very simple. This is because the mobile phone has become one’s “almost” everything. Our mobile phones has become our directory – it contains all the contact numbers of our family, friends, relatives, associates, doctors, dentists, teachers, neighborhood stores, even cab drivers. It has also become our source of entertainment – from the numerous game applications, our music player, video player, and even our access to the World Wide Web. It also does many other things unimaginable a few years back, like taking our blood pressure, helping us find our way in busy streets; help us locate buildings and offices and gives us driving instructions with the use of GPS; reminds us of our important meetings and appointments; tells us if it’s someone’s birthday, and a lot more other things.

With all these benefits we enjoy, it is just but normal that we should take good care of the one thing that makes all of this information and help readily at hand – our mobile phone.

So here are 5 tips on how to take good care of our mobile phones:


Take care of your mobile phone by placing it inside a safe protective case. This is very important especially if you constantly bring it with you and when you place it inside your purse or handbag. Let’s face it, if you’re like most ordinary people, inside your purse or handbag will be an occasional coin or two that was not properly placed inside your coin purse. You may have pens, or keys, or a comb or a hair brush. These and a lot more other things may scratch your phone and damage its shiny surface.

Another reason why it’s always better to put your mobile phone inside a safe protective case when they are placed inside a purse or bag is because it might get in contact with colognes, hand sanitizers, or lotions – things that are also commonly found inside a woman’s purse or bag. The chemicals in these beauty products can damage your mobile phone when they get in contact with each other.

Tip #2:

Avoid placing your mobile phone inside your jeans pockets, front or back, unprotected. Sometimes, there are instances when the easiest thing to do is to put the mobile phone in the pocket and off you go. As much as possible, never do this. There is a big chance that your mobile phone screen will be broken, especially if your mobile phone is the slim type. If you place it in the back pocket of your jeans, you might accidentally sit on it. When you do, it will damage your mobile phone beyond repair.

Tip #3:

Always keep a designated place for your mobile phone in your home, in your office, and even in your car. This will ensure that whenever you need it, you always know where to find it, hence saving you precious time most especially in times of emergency.

Tip #4:

If it’s not necessary, do not use the “vibrate ring” mode of your mobile phone. This feature is designed when you are in a meeting, or in a class or lecture, or in any situation where silence is very important. When your mobile phone is in the “vibrate ring” mode, it will consume too much battery, and so your battery will not last very long.

Tip #5:

Charge your mobile phone battery properly. There is a proper way of charging mobile phone batteries. One way is to practice completely draining your mobile phone battery at least twice a month. Second, charge it only when there’s one bar left in the battery strength signal as can be seen on your mobile phone screen. Also, never use your mobile phone while it is being charged; mobile phones should be turned off when being charged. Using a mobile phone while attached to a charger exposes you to the risks and dangers of exploding batteries – a rare occurrence but always a possibility.

Remember that safety is the topmost priority.

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  • Now a days mobile phones have become an essential part of our daily lives, and hence it is really very important to take proper care of mobile phone.

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