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Don’t Move Data From Computer to Computer – Move It To The Cloud

cloud-computing Up until recently, most companies have opted to keep their data storage in house as the technology for cloud computing  was limited and outdated. All of this has changed as recent technological developments have made this service more invaluable and practical than ever. Many successful businesses have realized the many benefits of this storage option including automatic synchronization of documents, reliable backups, lower overhead costs and remote access of data. The question then is it right for your business?


The first factor to consider is the costs of each system. In house storage via servers or NAS (networked attached storage) device costs can vary, but often times businesses find that cloud storage is less expensive. Another thing to remember about in house storage – unlike a cloud-based system, in house systems have a limited amount of memory and upgrades can be very expensive. While it may be slightly cheaper to maintain your own storage systems in the long run, cloud storage won’t require you to buy all new storage equipment and software every few years to stay up-to-date.


Also, cloud computing software and hardware is maintained by cloud storage provider, meaning your IT staff won’t necessarily need to waste time managing the back-up systems for your company…and that means your IT staff can focus on bigger projects.

Data Security:

A second key component, and perhaps the most important feature, is the secure nature of data stored on a cloud server. Many of these cloud storage companies contain multiple levels of security for any information that is downloaded onto their servers. They also contain multiple backups for all data so as a corruption at one location will not result in permanently lost data. Contrast these benefits with local storage, where a fire or other physical damage to your office or network room could permanently destroy data.

Remote Access:

Cloud storage offers one more distinct advantage over local storage, remote access. Employees do not need to worry about having files they need on their computer – whether they work at home or from a different office. Also, management can use utilized tiered access to data for all employees in all locations thus allowing sensitive documents to stay confidential. Automatic updates and syncing also means that every member of any project will stay on the same level regardless of their location. Finally, relocating your corporate headquarters won’t result in massive data downtimes for your other branches.

Cloud storage has become a huge industry and a powerful tool for businesses around the world, with major technology companies such as Apple, Google, and Amazon competing to provide cloud storage services. Businesses are benefiting from this competition by taking advantage of secure, affordable, and efficient systems of data storage. Cloud storage is the wave of the future.

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