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6 Best Ways to Promote your Blog Online

blog-promotionBlogging has become a passion among online users. Every third online user has created his blog. Creating a blog is not a big task but making it alive and putting the required efforts to promote it are the big challenges. The successful bloggers are those who create a blog and establish it to make money online. So to make your blog successful, you need to promote your blog by using various promotional methods. One can analyze the result of his blog by measuring the amount of daily traffic and the search engine rankings.

Following are 6 best ways to promote your blog online:

Write Quality Content

Content plays an important part of SEO or we can say to promote your blog. Write quality content on any topic of reader’s interest and get this article published in any other blog with a link or URL of your blog placed at the end of the post. This method of promoting your blog terms as “guest posting”. The benefit of this guest posting is that your written article will be read by that blog’s readers and ultimately your blog link that placed at the end of the post can get the lots of clicks and traffic. So your blog will be highlighted or promoted.

Article writing and submissions

Article writing is the best way to promote your blog to get huge traffic. In search engines, many article sites are present in which one can publish their articles with the 2 or 3 links of their blogs or sites at the end of the article in “About Author” field. Moreover, you can submit the same article to all the article sites of your choice. You can submit one article to many article sites. This is the great way of promotion because this will get mostly “do-follow” links which gives search engine rank credit also and traffic too.

Social Bookmarking

Promoting your blog through social bookmark is one of the best ways to get traffic. There are thousands of bookmark sites available on the internet. You just need to select the unique and impressive title of your blog, a description of your blog that can easily and well described about your blog and your blog page URL. Lots of people open these bookmarking sites every day. So a great option to promote your blog.

Blog Comments

Commenting on other’s blog is also a great way of promotion. Find out some good blogs or sites, visit them. Read some articles or blog posts published in those sites. After reading, at the bottom of the page there is an option of doing comments. Write something that you feel about the post along with your name, email ID and your Blog URL and submit it. So this will also be very beneficial for getting traffic and search engine rankings.

Forum Participation

Participation in forums will make you’re your blog more web visible. And you can promote your blog by placing the blog URL in the signature section. As many times you get participate on different threads and posts your blog URL will shown up. Huge traffic will also come up by this way.

Social Media Promotion

Make sure that your blog is well connected with various social media sites. All the social media profiles should be nicely connected with your blog at the top right side of your blog or anywhere on the page where the user can easily see them. These social media sites should be placed together in the site. It does not look like a scattered one. And always remember to share the posts of your blog with the social media sites. This will also increase the traffic of the blog. And ultimately helps in promotion of your blog.

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