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Protect Facebook Photos with Watermarking App

The versatile watermarking tool from DMCA.com is going to change the way you protect your photos hosted on Facebook. Now, your photos will get the edge of having your copyright and your logo. DMCA.com has launched the beta version of watermarking tool intended to be used to protect Facebook photos. By utilizing the new service, you will be able to prevent stealing of your photos posted on Facebook and you can also prevent re-posting of your photos.


The procedure to utilize this facility is very simple. After registering with DMCA.com, you can select the album on Facebook for which you would like to apply the watermark.

You will have the option to select the watermark text to be posted on each and every photo of the selected album. The rest of the process will be implemented by DMCA.com automatically.

By utilizing the service, the folder which contains the photos will be masked with another URL. All the new images that will be appended to the new folder will be watermarked automatically when you access photos through the masked URL.

There is no limit on the number of photos and images that you can protect with DMCA.com. You will be able to add the copyright information to hundreds of thousands of photos in a matter of seconds. Others will not be provoked to download or repost your images as the copyright information will be displayed on each and every photo that you have opted for this facility. Typically, your copyright information (text) will be displayed on the bottom left hand corner of the photo and ‘Protected by DMCA.com’ will be displayed on the bottom right hand corner of the photo.

Another advantage of utilizing the watermarking facility is that you will be able to hide your original image directory and you will be able to hide images that have no watermark. DMCA.com encourages Facebook users to utilize this service as the service gives dual benefit. On one hand, you will be able to protect your photos. Second, the images will load fast as they will be powered by specialized delivery network of DMCA.com.

What is DMCA?

DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) is a US Copyright Law. The law protects the rights and interests of owners of content in various forms including text, audio and video. The content is not only limited to online but also offline as well. DMCA.com is a leading global player that aids the cause of owners of proprietary material. Though DMCA is related to protecting the interests of copyright owners, DMCA.com works for the benefit of real owners of content even though the stuff is not copyrighted. Thus, it has helped many in the takedown of stuff from various sites. You will be able to protect your entire website by subscribing to DMCA badge. This facility will give you extended protection of the text, images, software and videos. DMCA.com is also offering premium services under which you will be able to monitor stealing of your data. You will be able to scan the data on a regular basis.

Why use DMCA WaterMarker?

The new Facebook application from DMCA.com not only helps protect your images but also build authority on them. This helps prevent manipulation of your photos. Such kind of tools is required to prevent misrepresentation of images. A sense of security will prevail in Facebook users. It is expected that many more new features will be added to the current watermarking application launched by DMCA.com. It is also anticipated that many more new and powerful applications will be launched in the coming days that may make copies of photos virtually impossible other than going through the crude way of capturing images by using other digital cameras. Now, Facebook users can take advantage of placing a number of photos by stamping their authority on them as well.

This tool is so simple a child can do it! If you already have an account with DMCA.com just go to https://www.dmca.com/WaterMarker/Facebook.aspx, then select your album and watermark text and let DMCA.com do the rest.

If you don’t have a DMCA.com account you can get one here for Free!


You can also view some more examples on facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/DMCAtakedown

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