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The Quality Content That Your Website Needs

You are probably already behind; content marketing is decisive for your online success. In 2019 too, online dominance is about the high quality of your content, but how do you jump over your competitors? In other words, which high quality content is indispensable for your website in the coming year?


Content is not Dead

Before I talk about the quality content you need, I want to underline the following: content is not dead. Content will only die when humanity disappears. Without content, there is no online marketing, point. But if you really want to be successful with your content, you have to deal with it properly!

Quality always comes first

Quality is essential for your content, in whatever form. Now a passionate writer like me can proclaim this well, but fortunately, this statement is also strongly supported by practice. Search engines are increasingly looking for high quality content. So follow Google’s guidelines and understand why your website is unique to visitors. Write especially for your visitors and also a bit for Google. Also, B2B marketing experts call the quality of content is a key factor in the success of an organization, see Figure 1. In summary, good content is worth investing.

What does your target group actually want?

Suppose a potential customer enters your website in his or her search. Does this visitor know at a glance who you are, what you do and why he or she should be with you? Based on relevant data, you can check what your target audience searches online and with programs such as MouseTracker you can see exactly what they are doing on your site. For you it makes sense that you offer the tastiest potato cookies in the world, but a visitor has to be convinced of that. You offer the solution to the problem of your target group, so show it in a customer-oriented way. A person who ends up on your website is already interested. You want to attract this visitor and convince them with the special qualities of your organization. Make your website stand out:

Speak to your visitors personally

The average internet user drowns in the shitload of content that is available online. It becomes increasingly difficult for a potential customer to filter out correct information. You have to make it clear in a unique way that you offer the best products or services. Make sure your website stands out from all mediocre blogs and videos through high-quality and addictive content. It goes without saying that personalized marketing will remain a priority in 2019. The importance of microtargeting is growing sensationally. Several studies have been conducted in recent years into the effects of personalization. Marketers call personalized content more successful than standard content, see image 2. Speak to that seasoned consumer with a custom-made offer or interactive approach.


What else to pay attention to

If you want to convince visitors on this personalized level, your website must be reliable and transparent. Let employees tell their story on your website through live streaming, because that creates considerably more confidence than an advertising message ‘from the organization’. Also make sure people can easily log in with their social media accounts, because that improves their personal customer journey. But, this does not apply to every target group. Before you invest in a hip Snapchat movie, of course, you first investigate whether this suits you and your potential client. Do not constantly try to follow the latest trends, but always stay true to the vision of your organization and the needs of your target group. Also write out your content strategy, because that increases the chance of success .

The phenomenal rise of video content

Also, a text lover like me cannot ignore it: video content is large and will only increase in 2018. You need this fastest growing form of advertising in your content strategy. Social media marketing -On social media such as Facebook, a modern organization cannot do without video content. You want to keep consumers interested. Other visual content, such as infographics, is also always good. Videos give visitors an experience, which means that the quality and impact of a video depends on the experience it brings. You do not have to explain a complicated story, but you can simply highlight the added value of your product or service in a low-threshold way. Visual content, therefore, fits every organization. So, what interesting stories do you have to say?

Focus on conversion

Text and image are your content, but of course, you also have to use them well. Your website is the link between the visitor’s request and the offer of your organization. What purpose do you have exactly with your website? If you want people to request a quote, you ensure that buttons such as ‘contact’ and ‘request quotation’ stand out. In this way, focusing on the conversion of your website ensures a good user experience. User friendliness plays an important role in the assessment of your visitors and therefore in the appreciation that Google has for your website. In addition to quality content, it is therefore also important to have a website that serves your purpose in a functional way. This way your website gets higher in the rankings and you attract those attracted customers purposefully.

Content as part of a broad marketing strategy

The success of your website does not depend solely on the content. You can have brilliant content, but do not attract visitors. A successful marketing strategy ensures that all online parts are in order and that your website is better suited for changes such as updates in algorithms. In addition to content and conversion, search engine optimization is essential, because effective SEO ensures that your website is ranked higher. When you use an online strategy that combines these elements, those visitors come in this year. If you then also offer a sublime product or fantastic service, it can not go wrong!

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