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Reasons behind the Early Release of iPhone 6 in the Market


There’s no doubt that Apple WILL release a new iPhone in 2013. They’ve rolled out a new one in some form or another like clockwork. The thing that seems a bit confusing is the fact that this time they might change tactics and go with the release of the iPhone 6 instead of the predictable 5S. Would Apple really pass up the opportunity to make money on an upgraded version of the iPhone 5? If it means keeping the interest of the buying public, you bet!

The risk it runs in releasing the iPhone 6 early is that if the product is too much like the 5 it will fall flat with consumers. Who wants to buy a upgraded version of a 5 that calls itself a 6. Are you confused yet?

Typically Apple has withheld releasing major changes in iPhones for up to two years. If things were business as usual, the 5S should be next in line for development and marketing to consumers. Something has forced this move and hopefully they are up to the challenge.

What Would Force Apple to Tip its Hand?

DigiTimes reports that most manufacturers and developers of Smartphones are in the planning stages of creating bigger devices. These will have a much larger screen that appeals to video fans and mobile gamers. This apparently has Apple reconfiguring its marketing strategy. The danger in this lies with the finished product they plan to attach the number “6″ to. Both the buying public and tech watchers alike will expect big things from Apple this time around. They will settle for nothing less than a major change in design and many new features.

Apple was plagued with unimpressed customer and tech expert complaints after the release of the iPhone 4S. It was advertised and speculated to a point that the actual product couldn’t live up to build up expectations. Most felt that the changes were so subtle that they were hardly worth the mention. The iPhone 5 stood to face similar sentiments if they decided to roll out a 5S model.

Careful attention was given to ensure that the public was aware of each detail and innovation brought to the table before the release of the iPhone 5. Its saving grace was a new form factor. The design was different enough to be accepted as a 5. To ignore the need to be edgy and different would have dealt a death blow to the sales of the iPhone.

By making the move to push forward to release the iPhone 6 rather than an upgraded version of the 5 means that they forfeit the opportunity to do simple upgrades to its existing model. There will a great deal of expectation for the finished version on iPhone 6. To not deliver would set back consumer confidence in their product for a long time to come.

What the iPhone 6 HAS to Be

The form factor will have everything to do with whether consumers are drawn to the new device or not. If Smartphones really are on the verge of getting bigger and Apple is willing to fill that gap early, it might be the smartest move they’ve made in a very long time.

They‘ll need to incorporate more advancements in technology and function than in any previous models to date. It’ll have to literally sweep the buying public off its feet. Apple has nearly bored consumers into a lull by offering upgraded models that really don’t operate much different than each predecessor. There are big hopes in the building hype. 2013 will be the year that Apple proves whether it still has what it takes to deliver a product that is worthy of all the hoopla.

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