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Five ways to Recycle Gadgets


New techno gadgets and products are released on the market nearly every week. With the buzz and excitement surrounding product launches like the new iPhone, it’s easy for gadget lovers to feel tempted to upgrade.

But if you’re looking to buy a new laptop, phone or tablet before your current item reaches the end of its natural life, what should you do with your old product?

Electronic waste, or e-waste as it’s known is a big problem in both developing and developed countries, as old gadgets and devices take up landfill space and in some cases leak dangerous acids and chemicals into the environment.

With this in mind, here is a look at 5 safe and smart ways to recycle your old gadgets, that’s best for your wallet and the natural world.

1. Sell your gadgets

If you’re looking to upgrade and your old product is still working well, why not sell it? There are plenty of sites that allow you to easily sell gadgets like your old mobile phone, tablet or like your old mobile phone, tablet or laptop for cash. This way someone else can get some use out of the product, meaning you don’t need to worry about waste or old gadgets clogging up the storage in your home. Best of all, when you sell old gadgets, you can get some extra funds to devote towards your upgraded model.

2. Hand-me-downs

Just because you’re ready for the latest model, doesn’t mean your family and friends are. Have a chat to the people in your life and see if anyone is in need of a new gadget. There are plenty of families who might like their kids to finally get a laptop or phone, but can’t justify the cost. By passing your old devices down to family and friends you’ll be avoiding waste and helping out your nearest and dearest.

3. Recycle

If your old gadgets have reached the end of their life, you can still dispose of them safely. Instead of throwing them in the bin, make the most of a nearby recycle scheme. Many technology brands offer their own recycle scheme in the effort to reduce e-waste, and some of the well known manufacturers include Dell, Epson and Motorola.

4. Swap n’ trade

If you’re not too worried about making money off your old gadgets, but think it’s a waste to see them not in use, why not offer them to someone else. Swap meets are a popular way to explore other people’s ‘junk’ and potentially find a few treasures along the way. If you’re not keen to go to a swap meet in person, there are plenty of free swap websites designed around the same principle. Another place that’s always happy to take functioning gadgets and devices is the local charity shop.

5. Cash for Trash

Finally if your gadgets are on their last legs and you’d still like to make some pocket money, keep an eye out for ‘cash for trash’ programmes. These companies offer trade-ins or cash for products like cameras, MP3 players, laptops, game consoles, GPS devices and mobiles.

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