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How To Save a Wet Phone


A cell phone is the most prized possession for almost everybody and it is very annoying and disturbing if something happens to the cell phones. However, we are all human and bound to make mistakes and as it so happens, sometimes the cell phone becomes wet owing to rains or falling off in water. We are highly panic stricken at these times and do not know what to do. Here is a suggestion; Calm down, and pull your cell phone away from the water as quickly as you can.

First and foremost, make sure you do not dismantle your Smartphone come what may. This will hamper the warranty of your phone. So, do not dismantle your phone right away. Take a while, clean it with a cloth and then dismantle it. Also, do not immediately begin pressing the buttons of your phone. Take a while, before you frantically begin to press all the buttons of your phone to check if it is working.


If your phone is in a phone case then take it out immediately. Also, detach all the wires from the phone. Extract all the SIM cards, memory cards and SD chips from your phone to allow ventilation inside the hardware system. When you are doing this make sure not water drains into the hardware from anywhere. Wipe it off with a clean towel one more time. Clean the battery, the SIM, the memory card and as well as your handset with the towel.


Once done with all of that you will either have to bury your phone in a handful of rice or will have to make use of silica gel packets. Keep it buried for around 24 to 48 hours.


These things will take away the left off moisture from your phone and now you can turn on your Smartphone. It will mostly work for you. Do not try to heat the phone with devices like hair drier etc. It may harm your cell phone. Most importantly, do not freeze it. This will cause extensive damage to your operating system. A common method is inserting a toothpick wrapped with a tissue into the phone. It is very incorrect to do so because you do not know the stick is reaching out to what part of the phone. You may lose your phone forever like this.

A better method is over charging your phone and letting the heat dry up your wet phone. However, there is a huge risk of wet current in this method. Once you have succeeded with drying out your phone and your phone is working well make sure that you get a professional shop keeper to help you avoid metal corrosion of your phone. Metal corrosion is harmful for the phone and you will not be able to use it for a very long time. If you have successfully dried your phone and the warranty of the phone has not become null then you are good to go and you can now use your phone normally and regularly. Ensure you keep it away from water.

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