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Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO Apps For The Android Market

android The use of Search Engine Optimization has become one of the most essential tools in the promotion of web sites, and it’s effectiveness as a marketing tool has created a large market that has continued to grow. In many cases SEO has become a profession in itself and has made great strides to improve the visibility, quality, and success of sites that, with out it, wouldn’t have been so successful. This is why many people are looking for different ways to apply SEO measures, and the Android market is now making this essential practices available to mobile devices. For those web sites and businesses that rely heavily on versatility and mobility, there are apps on the market that you can download to your HTC 4G Android Phone that will augment their online marketing and promotion of their site:

SEO Keyword Checker

Checking keywords is an integral part of the SEO process, and this app helps webmasters keep track of their use. In order to use keywords, they must first comply with with keyword density. If this isn’t done, webmasters run the risk of getting penalized. SEO is an important approach, but there are rules and regulations to their use. This application helps in that process and assists in helping users analyze their website regarding their site’s keyword density.

SEO Tips

This app is a one stop resources for all things Search Engine Optimization related. SEO Tips allows Android users to pull from a wealth of knowledge from others that have been in the industry. Anyone would benefit from this app, and even if you’re an SEO professional, this app keeps users up-to-date on the latest developments in the field. It gives users the kind of mobility that they need in business and also acts as a reminder for some of the basic principals of the system. If you’re on the road a lot, this is a great app to help you keep abreast on SEO news and help you device new marketing strategies for later use.


This app is not affiliated with Google, but gives excellent data for anyone using Search Engine Optimization because you must be aware of your Google Page Rank. This could be for their site or any other and SiteRank allows you to do this from your phone. The app retrieves this data and uploads it directly to your phone. There’s two different versions of this application: lite and pro. You can also retrieve index pages in search engines and all of the links of a web site. There’s an additional feature that allows you to browse through a historical table of all of your previously searched sites.

The mobility of SEO has proved to be a great asset. As we’ve seen a greater presence for these apps among the Android market, these tools will become increasingly important in the coming years. It’s important to remain aware of the SEO world and the most recent news. With these apps that are currently on the market, you can do this with great ease. We’ll likely see more apps that take a more comprehensive approach, but for the time being, these apps will prove a excellent resource.

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