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How Safe Is The Future Of SEO?


SEO is changing very rapidly and a lot of experts in the industry have started to talk about its future. Believe me, their opinion on this is very divided and more pessimistic. Some say SEO is here to stay and some are claiming that it will go obsolete in few years. Well! Nothing can be said right now. But I have my own analysis on future of SEO.

Is it going to be safe for bloggers and website owners? What they should do? According to me future of SEO is not very encouraging because of following reasons.

Betting on Keyword Research and Backlinks ONLY

The first thing that a SEO guy would do is keyword research and getting maximum backlinks for its blog. As a blogger or website owner could you only bet on best keyword research and creating enormous backlinks?

Well! The answer is NO. You can’t. Now search engine especially big daddy Google is getting hard on this black hat SEO technique. If you feel you as a blogger could rank your blog high on SERP only because of great keyword research and creating maximum backlinks then you are wrong. Gone are those days.

Thus relying on keyword research and backlinks will be outdated soon. In fact, it is already outdated.

Optimizing for ONLY One Search Platform

Every blogger, internet marketer and webmasters for SEO totally depends upon one search engine, the big daddy Google.

Google dominates the search engine market share. As a blogger we optimize our blog or website only for Google search engine. Only few go for Yahoo and no one gives a damn about Bing. So in future, the sole dependence on one search engine might create problem for all of us. If Google does something with its algorithm then we all will be affected. Or someday Google goes down and someone else changes its indexing rule then it will be great problem for marketers who make millions of dollars every year.

So such dependence for SEO on one search platform is not good.

Surviving Google’s Axe

As I said earlier if we depend too much on Google for SEO then we need to learn how to survive Google’s axe.

Now what is Google’s Axe? It is Panda affect and Penguin update? Let’s understand both quickly.

Google Panda : If you are creating low quality articles filled with relevant keywords then Google would punish your blog for low quality content. That is Panda affect.

Google Penguin : Penguin affect is when you create unwanted or spam links coming to your website then Google will slap you. Such backlinks would be considered illegal by Google.

Therefore bloggers and marketers who are using these two black hat techniques must be ready to pay the price. Early you could have got away with this but now be ready for Google’s Axe.

Search Engine Becoming More Human than Just Algorithms

If you listen to experts and from Google itself, you will come to know that search engines are becoming more and more human. It means they can understand what people are searching, a human aspect.

No longer would search engines be collection of smart algorithms as they will behave like human. Therefore, all the SEO techniques that you implement for your blog would become irrelevant.

Ever Emerging Power and Importance of Social Media

To some extent the presence of social media has also affected the SEO.

For eg:  in next few years Facebook will be more popular than Google itself.

Facebook will have more users than Google. So people would directly go to Facebook than Google. Although it is not going to replace Google but could affect SEO strategies of many bloggers and internet marketers.

Publishers and Bloggers Looking for Direct Readers Rather Depending Upon Search Engines

Bloggers who depends upon SEO very much should understand this important point. If you see, more established and successful bloggers no longer depend upon Google. It means they have a big reader base, their traffic is mainly coming from direct subscribers of their blog.

In the beginning, their traffic would come from organic search only. But with time and quality content they forced their visitors to subscribe their blog.

Hence, their traffic would come from direct subscribers or through social media. Only marginal amount of traffic would come from Google.

Therefore need for SEO will become less if you focus on getting more subscribers directly.

SEO Changes Constantly Hence NO Perfect Model or Blueprint could be developed

The final point of the future of SEO is that SEO changes day by day. Every day is a new day. You do not know when something is going to change. Thus, you cannot create a model or a blueprint to replicate a successful SEO campaign. Simply because, a SEO campaign which was successful last week would not work tomorrow. Marketers would really find it difficult replicate a Google friendly SEO model.

Now What is the Solution?

Well! There could be two possible solutions for safe SEO that you can start learning from now on.

1. Good Content is the Only Hope

There is no running away from Google. You have to create content that people would love read and share with their friends.  The only SEOtechnique that is going to stay here is quality content.

In fact, in future successful SEO would be your content only. All other technique would fail, they have failed now only. So in future there is no chance of black hat SEO technique.

2. Future is in becoming a Good Writer or Blogger Rather a SEO Expert

To create good content you need to become a good writer or a blogger rather than being a SEO expert.

Do not waste your time on building links which are spammy. You could focus on improving your writing with investing time in learning new things. Only then you would be successful in blogging or even marketing.

Do remember all those black hat SEO techniques would not work only you have to write from your heart. And that is the safe future of SEO.


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