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Search engine optimization (SEO)

On-Site Techniques for Website Optimization


Many SEO techniques are used for the optimization of the web pages in the ranking by the search engines. The techniques are mostly divided into two categories, viz, on-page and off-page. The on-page techniques are the one that are carried on the main website to improve its ranking, a few of which are discussed below.

Title Tag

The use of a title tag has been popular since the evolution of the websites. The title is the main index to the webpage, which is used by the readers and the search engines to know what the page content is all about. The title of the tag must be catchy enough that it catches the attention of the reader at the first look and should describe the content that it is going to be title of. A main keyword can also be used in the title and its length should not be long enough.

Keyword and Density

The use of keywords is a good option to get a better ranking. The addition of keywords in your content should be catchy to the eye and the keyword should be such that it describes the content. Also, the frequency of using the keywords should not be large enough as that may result in a negative effect on the page ranking. Keyword proximity, prominence and the frequency are important aspect of the use of a keyword in web content.

Outbound Links

The use of links in your web content to other websites may give you an advantage of getting backlinks created. When you are creating the outbound links, the search engine crawler looks at the number of links and also goes to the websites linked through your web page. There is a possibility that the page owner, whose link you added to your content, notices your outbound link and may give you a backlink. All this stuff will finally help the search engine recognize the global presence of your page and will gradually improve your ranking.

Image SEO

Images are a better way of describing what the content on your web page is all about. When adding an image, you have the option of adding an alternate text to the image that will be displayed when the image fails to load. This alternate text is stuffed with keywords to improve rankings immediately, but this is treated as a spam by the search engine. The alternate text and the title, if you want to add to the image, should be about the image, and that will improve the ranking in the images search results.


The use of a map for your entire website is a better idea, if you want to get ranking of every web page on your website to be improved. This is done mostly by using XML mapping techniques. The internal linking of web pages is also an essential component, which gives a better and a smooth flow to the crawler and the website viewer through your website. An interlinked website with a proper sitemap gets a better ranking as it is considered to be a site rich of content.

Social Media

The use of social media today has increased up to that extent that almost every person on this planet who is using internet, is also using a social media service. Publishing your website’s links for promotion or getting your content posted may help in improving the ranking of your website/page.

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  • Use of sitemap to increase a page rank in the great idea. it new thing for me genreal most of the blog or site about seo i did not see about the sitemap technique to improve the page ranking.thank you .i try this to my site to improve page ranking better.

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