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3 Reasons to Favorite, Retweet and Like Social Media Posts


Social media provides an opportunity to share what you have to say or find an audience for your creative projects. It’s also a way to “meet” new friends online and find like-minded people. Whether you’re using social media to promote a product, service or brand, or you want to attract new followers, take the time to favorite, repost and like other people’s social media posts — but take caution not to overdo it.

Demonstrate Your Thoughts

Choosing to retweet someone’s post makes the post a part of your feed. Similarly, depending on your and the original poster’s privacy settings, liking a Facebook post can put it on your feed — but sharing a post will definitely put it on your feed. The same goes for reposting a Tumblr entry. Most social media websites have a “share” or “repost” option that does this.

When you repost something, you’re sharing your thoughts on a subject or showing your followers a thought you agree with. The original poster also is notified that you reposted on many of these platforms, which means they’re more likely to look at what you have to say.

Interact With the Poster

You don’t have to repost a post to your feed if you don’t want your followers tracking your activity. For example, favoriting a tweet does not put the tweet on your feed — but it does send a notification to the original poster. Similarly, sometimes liking a post on Facebook doesn’t put the post on your feed, if you or the original poster has privacy settings set up so that won’t happen; however, in both instances, the original poster receives a notification.

The goal of getting those notifications to the original poster is to show them you’re paying attention to what they post and you share similar views, or you’re supportive of their news. If you pick and choose which of these posts you choose to favorite or like, eventually the poster may pay more attention to your posts and add you as a friend or follower if they haven’t already. Facebook is designed so the posts of those you interact with the most appear at the top of your news feed.

Get More Followers

When you retweet, favorite and like other people’s social media posts, they’re more likely to follow you. Once they follow you, their followers may take notice and become potential followers of your social media profiles. For example, when you retweet a post, you’ll lead some of your followers to the original poster. If you’ve managed to attract the attention of another poster by interacting with them regularly, they’re more likely to repost what you have to say, too.

Also, many social media platforms will put up profiles of followers of your followers and ask you if you know them. The more followers you and another person have in common, the more likely you are to appear on their news-feed page, prompting them to add you.

Don’t Be Confused With Spam

Put some thought into what you like or favorite. Yes, the original posters receive a notification of your like or favorite, but if they see you liking everything they post day after day, they’ll probably confuse you with a spammer or a stalker.

If you hope for your like, retweet or favorite to lead to the poster following you, be selective. Favorite tweets that mean something to you — that demonstrates an opinion you agree with or a piece of news you’re happy to hear about. Avoid favoriting, liking or retweeting more than one or two posts from the same person in a day, and go even longer between likes if you don’t want to seem overbearing.

Interacting with others on social media is key to receiving attention from other users. As Social Media Today explains, taking the time to favorite a tweet or like a Facebook post — or any social media option — is integral to optimizing your social media experience. In one stroke, you build a relationship both with your existing followers and potential followers.

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