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6 Tips for Buying Designer Dresses Online

Shopping for designer dresses can be a lot of fun, especially for fashionists who find shopping to be a real stress-buster. However, this fun diversion does require a hefty investment of time, since not all great dresses can be found in one place. Sometimes, a whole day or more can be spent going from one store to another just to find that perfect dress for a special occasion. For women who don’t have the time, inclination, or budget for such intense shopping, checking out clothes online is a very welcome option. Not only are there a range of prices to choose from online, there are limitless styles and colors as well. However, while buying things through the Internet has many advantages, there are several rules to observe that can ensure you don’t regret your purchase.

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Choose an established and reputable seller.

Making sure that the site you will buy designer dresses from is reputable should be your first task, and should be taken care of well before clicking that “Buy Now” button. An established seller will not likely run off with your money, and is not likely to misrepresent the products that it is selling. You can find out about the site’s reputation by searching for reviews online, or by asking for people’s honest feedback in relevant forums. You can also ask friends for their personal experience with various shopping sites, to see if they have sites that they love or have had trouble with in the past.

Decide on the designer or a specific clothing brand beforehand.

This can make your search easier and more focused, saving you time. By knowing a particular brand, you will also have a better idea of their clothing sizes, and the general style of their dresses, making it easier to hone in on a designer that speaks to your sense of fashion.

Make sure that the dress will fit, since you won’t be able to try it on before buying.

Measure yourself properly, and compare those numbers against the size charts used by the designer. These size charts translate your measurements into the sizing used by the designer, ensuring you’ll purchase the size that will fit you best.

Read the site’s return/exchange policy.

You want to transact with a seller who can make it easy for you to return poorly-fitting clothes. After all, buying something sight-unseen and without trying it on is rife with risks; you want a seller who appreciates the difficulties of online shopping and can work with you in finding that perfect dress. If the site has a very strict return policy—so much so that you’d forgo returning the clothes rather than go through the trouble of complying with the whole process—it’s probably best to move on to another site with more favorable policies.

Include the shipping costs when computing for the overall value of the designer dresses you are planning to buy.

You may be deceived, for example, by a site which lists the purchase price of a dress very cheaply but charges an exorbitant amount for shipping. Find an online seller who doesn’t just offer a good bargain on the clothes, but offers free shipping (at least over a certain purchase amount) as well.

Shop in the off-season and watch out for clearance sales.

Budget-priced designer dresses are available online, you just have to do your research well and wait for the clothes to be sold off-season or during the site’s regular clearance sales. Since you don’t have to spend the whole day going from store to store to compare prices and styles, you’ll be able to cover more ground and find the best clothes for you in less time and for less money.

Online shopping for designer dresses can indeed be very convenient and money-saving. Just make sure, though, to anticipate potential problems so that you can have the best online shopping experience you have ever had.

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  • Recently I have purchased a evening dress from Stylista as I have came across this website through a friend. I wanted to get something really elegant for my boyfriends birthday bash. Earlier I was very skeptical to buy online since it was my first online purchase but one of friend gave me some tips to keep in mind while purchasing. She said to make sure the product comes under guarantee/warranty period, it has exchange policy. Make sure of the dress size, get it from a reputed seller and also watch out if any sales are going around.

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