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Top 5 iPhone Dock Alarm Clocks

iPhones are versatile and useful devices that frequently permeate their users’ lives, from the moment they wake up to the moment they fall asleep. For the technophiles who really can never be without their precious smartphones, these alarm clock docks would make an excellent gift as well as extending the features of the iPhone.

1. Sony ICF-CD3iPSIL


This alarm clock allows you to charge your iPhone while you sleep and wake up to your favorite sounds. It includes a dual alarm feature which is handy for those who have to wake up at different times depending on the day. It automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time and includes a remote control. The sound quality is good and it does not have the vibrating problem many iPhone alarm clocks have.

2. Philips DC315/37


This Philips alarm clock features speakers with a Bass Reflex System to provide an excellent full sound quality. It also has a dual alarm in which you can set a different time to wake up on the weekdays and the weekends. As the music plays or as you sleep, the iPhone will charge. It also has a built in radio and an auxiliary input so that music from other sources can be played as well.

3. Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime Premium Alarm Clock


The Logitech Pure-Fi Alarm Clock features a motion sensitive snooze feature. In order to activate the snooze, all you need to do is wave your hand over the clock. The sound quality is good and the display can be dimmed if you are sensitive to bright lights when sleeping. It also has a universal dock for iPhones and iPods which charges and allows you to play music. A radio is included as well.

4. iHome iP90


This iHome alarm clock has a dual alarm feature which allows different settings for the weekend and weekdays. Whether you wish to be woken up by the iPhone, a buzzer, or the radio can also be programmed with the dual alarm. This clock also features Reson8 speakers which provide excellent sound. The iHome alarm clock also has an auxiliary input so that other devices can be used instead of only the docked iPhone. The time is always correct due to the iHome’s time syncing feature which updates it with the current time each time the iPhone is docked.

5. JBL On Time 200P Loudspeaker


This alarm clock does not feature a dual alarm, but seven separate alarms which can be set independently. This is perfect for someone with a schedule that is different from day to day. The display can be dimmed for more pleasant sleep. The sound quality on this alarm clock is also excellent. It includes Phoenix and Ridge transducers, Computer-Optimized Equalization, and Optimized Compression Technology which provides you with a full range of frequencies and a high level of clarity throughout all volume levels. This alarm clock also includes a remote.

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