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Top Ten SEO WordPress Plugins


WordPress is a boon for ecommerce businesses, and it can help the business increase traffic to the website by getting noticed by search engines through the various plugins available for search engine optimization. The all important thing is to have search engines find the websites and veer traffic to them. WordPress sites can be optimized with tools to reach the targeted audience, some of which optimize the site as a whole and some that are meant for specific sites. The following is a list of the best ten plugins:

1. All in one SEO pack

This is the best plugin for WordPress site optimization and helps to generate meta tags for all the search engines. It gives site owners the freedom to override titles, set meta keywords and meta descriptions as per their requirements.

2. SEO title tag

This plugin is exclusively meant for tags of the site, and facilitates addition of  tags and URLs in any part of the website including its main page. This enhances chances of being picked up by search engines.

3. Google XML Sitemaps

A better indexing of the site is a big plus for sites to get noticed by search engines. Using Google XML sitemaps gives WordPress sites the capability to generate a clear XML site map which allows search engines to index the site better. This is because the site map gives clear details about the site and what all can be seen on the site thereby facilitating the retrieval process. It also sends messages to search engines each time new content is added to the site and since it supports all types of WordPress pages, it adds value.

4. Robots Meta Plugin

This is helpful in disabling links no longer required and unused archives, and also adding the best meta robot tags to site pages. It stops the indexing of search result pages, administrative, login, and register pages.

5. Redirection

This plugin comes in handy when a page on the site has to be moved but site owners want to retain the page’s position in the search engine results. It also helps to tie all loose ends on the site and is able to manage the 301 redirects and also logs the 404 errors.

6. No follow case by case

All comments posted on sites may not be relevant appropriate and appealing. With this plugin it becomes possible to place a ‘no follow’ command to some of these comments, and avoid supporting them.

7. HeadSpace2 SEO

This is an all in one plugin that works as a meta data manager and facilitates the fine tuning of the site for search engines, helping sites achieve their full SEO potential. It can control every part of the site’s meta data inclusive of analytics, advanced tagging and other plugins.

8. SEO auto links and related posts

this plugin is ideal for making the auto link process quicker with the aid of minimal resources and is able to convert post tags, meta keywords and post titles.

9. WordPress SEO by Yoast

This plugin comes with multiple features like SEO titles, breadcrumbs, meta descriptions and XML sitemaps, among others, all of which combine to make it the all in one SEO solutions plugin.

10. SEO title tag

This plugin is meant for managing site tags on the site pages, which can then be added anywhere on the site.

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