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Few Excellent Ideas to Promote Your Site

In this era where blogging has a lot of competition, you need to work really hard to manage your survival. Mainly when we create a new blog, we spend most of our time in pinging our blog to search engines, then Content Writing and write few quality posts, proofreading them, etc. But another crucial aspect of blogging is Promotion.


The hard task is to promote your blog online and promotion is necessary as if your blog isn’t able to get out there within the crowd and no one even knows about it, then your blog is dumb as no one is there to listen you whereas blogging is all about writing for your readers to help them grab some useful information.

As such, there are several ways to promote your blog and I would be sharing few excellent ideas to promote your site. These promotion strategies would help you to get traffic to your website and also help you to deal with all kinds of stress. So, these are some strategies that can help you raise your traffic overnight. So, let us discuss about them.

Social Networking Sites

One of the important aspects of promoting your blog is Social Media Sites or Social Networking sites. Well, I think it is the best way to drive huge traffic to your blog or website. You’re doing nothing if you aren’t using marketing strategies to promote your blog.

In fact, Social media is the best tool to market your blog. It’s even free and as such you can utilize it easily. There several Social Media Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. and Facebook being the most popular among them where you can post links on your wall, pages or several groups. Having a strong community on Facebook can help you drive more audience and build impact. These all things can help you to spread your word easily to the world.

These all sites also help you to improve your Search Engine Rankings and even Google stated that Google+ votes would influence Search Engine Rankings as soon as the system is fully implemented.

Guest Posting

Guest Blogging has been proved the best way to promote your site, build a brand and eventually raise the traffic and authority of your blog.

Guest Blogging has been always beneficial if implemented in a perfect manner if you guest post on blogs related to your niche. Guest Posting has even been considered as the best traffic generation strategy to market your business & your blog too.

Guest Posting is essential and vital too for every blogger. It provides high quality traffic and visitors. But all you need to do is choose the right blog for guest posting and submit an admiring post. This helps in terms of SEO as Google looks for the websites that link to your blog and eventually it would raise your Search Engine Rankings and build impact.

Publish useful Posts

The only difference that a successful blog comes with is all that the content makes that difference. In fact, I think there’s nothing if you can post more relevant topics which suit your niche and people find it useful, then it would put your business in good light.

Remarkable Content is the key to build a successful blog, hypnotize your readers and turn them loyal. And these loyal readers are those who comment on your blog regularly, share your posts, appreciate your work, always waiting for a new update on your blog and so on. Gaining more loyal readers should be your priority to improve your blog plan.

This is where you need to remember the old line – ‘Content is King’ and the more controversial content you deliver, the more impact you make. Post something that can help your readers and entice them to say ‘Thank you’, at least. Also, controversial posts can also start a debate and it would help you a lot to build your community. Also maintaining a good posting frequency is really necessary in order to force your readers to return back to your blog regularly.

Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting can prove very useful if you use it properly. Now, you might be thinking that how blog commenting is useful for you? Actually Blog Commenting is essential for every blogger in order to increase your visibility to the online readers in your niche. Always try be more engaging to be a hero with blog commenting. When you comment, you need not fill it with some text, in fact, when you comment, your comment should consist some meaningful text that online readers find useful.

You should post a blog comment that makes some sense and even people find some good views of yours in it. Likewise, if you include your blog’s link in the comment and and post a meaningful or helpful comment, then certainly It would force the other reader to visit your blog, thereby, it would also increase your blog traffic.

Conduct a Giveaway

This strategy helps a lot and it is popular too nowadays. Even I love this method and I am also thinking to give it a shot in future. Conducting giveaways can be marked as the blog promotion technique. These giveaways help a lot to increase your traffic. Just not giveaways, contests, freebies, etc. are always loved by blog readers.

This may cause you some expense but it’s worth it and would help to promote your blog. In fact, I believe that if you provide the best product in your giveaway to your readers, then you would get more attention to your blog. The more valuable is the giveaway, the more exposure you would be getting.

Try to giveaway any freaky gadgets, mobile phones, any helpful service or cash prize.

So, guys, I hope the above 5 strategies would help you a lot to promote your blog and even help you drive more traffic. But always remember that Content is the King. These all techniques would work only if you have remarkable content on your blog or website.

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