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Woodman SCAM : Fake specifications

Woodman Faking Specifications for Android Stereo


In the era of rapidly advancing technology, we expect the products we purchase to match their stated specifications. However, not all companies hold themselves to high ethical standards, and consumers can suffer as a result. One such instance involves Woodman Electronics India Private Limited and their Android car stereo systems. In this article, we will discuss my personal experience with Woodman’s car stereo and how they cheated me by providing a product with false specifications.

My Experience with Woodman’s Android Car Stereo

I recently decided to upgrade my car’s audio system and opted for Woodman’s Android car stereo. After browsing through their product offerings, I settled on a model WOW 360 DSP the 2GB RAM/.32 GB internal storage. Excited about the purchase, I got the stereo installed and it seemed to be working perfectly.


Installed Woodman Android Car Stereo

Upon checking the device’s settings, the Android version displayed as 12. However, something didn’t feel right, as the interface appeared outdated and some features that should have been available in Android 12 were missing. Curious, I decided to investigate further by using tools to determine the actual Android version running on the device.

Displayed Android Version 12


To my dismay, I discovered that the stereo was, in fact, running on Android 9. This revelation meant that Woodman Electronics had intentionally faked the device’s Android version to deceive customers into thinking they were getting the latest technology.

Actual Android Version 9


Uncovering the Deception: Custom ROMs

After discovering the discrepancy between the displayed and actual Android versions on my Woodman car stereo, I decided to dig deeper into the issue. I soon found out that the company had employed a deceptive technique by installing a custom ROM on the device. This custom ROM allowed them to manipulate the system settings and alter the displayed Android version.

A custom ROM is essentially a modified version of the Android operating system, developed by third-party programmers. While custom ROMs can offer unique features and performance improvements, they also have the potential to be used unethically, as demonstrated by Woodman.

In this case, Woodman had used a custom ROM to mask the true Android version (9) and make it appear as though the device was running on Android 12. The custom ROM enabled them to change the displayed version number in the settings menu, giving customers a false sense of security that they were using the latest software.

This practice not only deceives customers but also raises concerns about the overall stability and security of the device. Custom ROMs can sometimes introduce new vulnerabilities or incompatibilities, as they are not developed or maintained by the official Android team. Consumers may unknowingly expose themselves to potential risks by using a car stereo with a custom ROM installed.

What Consumers Can Do To Protect Themselves

In light of my experience with Woodman’s Android car stereo, I would like to offer some advice to help protect consumers from falling victim to similar deceptive practices:

  1. Research the product thoroughly: Before purchasing any product, take the time to read reviews and research the company’s reputation. Look for any red flags or indications that the company may not be trustworthy.
  2. Verify the product’s specifications: When possible, verify the product’s specifications with independent sources or tools. In the case of Android devices, there are many third-party applications available that can help you determine the true Android version and other system specifications.
  3. Be cautious with custom ROMs: While custom ROMs can offer unique features and improvements, they can also be used to deceive customers. If you discover that a product is using a custom ROM, ensure that you understand the implications and potential risks associated with it.
  4. Report fraudulent practices: If you encounter a company that is engaging in deceptive practices, report them to the appropriate authorities and share your experience with others to help raise awareness.

By taking these steps, consumers can help protect themselves from fraudulent practices and ensure that they get the quality products they deserve.

The Implications of Woodman’s Deception

Woodman Electronics’ fraudulent practices are a cause for concern for several reasons. First, they are blatantly lying to their customers about the product’s specifications. Consumers trust that the products they purchase will meet the stated features, and such deception significantly erodes that trust.

Second, by stating a higher Android version, Woodman is potentially putting their customers at risk. Newer Android versions typically come with enhanced security features that protect users from vulnerabilities and threats. By providing a lower Android version, customers may be unknowingly exposed to security risks.

Lastly, customers are not getting the value they paid for. With a lower Android version, the stereo may not support some of the latest features and applications, diminishing the overall user experience.


My experience with Woodman’s Android car stereo is a cautionary tale for consumers to be vigilant when making purchases. Companies like Woodman that engage in deceptive practices must be held accountable for their actions. As consumers, we must take the time to educate ourselves and verify product specifications before making a purchase, as well as share our experiences to help others make informed decisions.

In the meantime, I am pursuing a refund or replacement for the product I received and I urge others who have experienced similar issues with Woodman to do the same. Together, we can protect ourselves and others from falling prey to fraudulent practices and ensure that manufacturers are held accountable for the products they sell.



Disclaimer: The allegations made in this article are based on the author’s personal experience and should not be considered definitive proof of the company’s practices or representative of all customer experiences. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and make informed decisions based on a variety of sources when evaluating products or services.

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