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Search engine optimization (SEO)

Avoiding Common SEO Mistakes


Making your website rank well is an involved and lengthy process. You will need to input many long hours of work to reach the point where your site ranks well and attracts the kind of traffic you hope for. Throughout this process it is essential that you avoid some very common search engine optimization mistakes.

1. Don’t reproduce content

First of all you want to ensure that your content is original. This step is critical whether you are posting your content to your own site, an article directory or a blog site. Repeated content across the web is frowned upon and will do little for your ultimate success. You may find that on your own site it will initially increase your search rankings, but as the bots search and compare further your rankings will actually end up suffering.

2. Don’t Spin your articles

Don’t fall into the trap of using software to spin your great original content. I urge every fledgling blogger out there to stay focused and put the hard yards into their original work. Spinning software packages and sites may seem like a quick and easy way to build what seems like great and endless streams of content to distribute across various sites. But trust me when I say the quality of your original content will deteriorate quickly every time you spin it. This will attract less overall interest, far less reprints, re-tweets and overall backlinks. Think about it from a readers’ point of view also. People don’t want to be bored to death with poorly written and re-spun content and will end up steering clear of your articles and site.

3. Only write about what you good at

Next you need to ensure that if you are writing content with the aim of distributing through various mediums that you are well informed about your chosen subject matter. Don’t try and write about something that you don’t understand just to see if you can get some backlinks. This approach will appear about as skin deep as a lot of the re-spun content that I mentioned above. Do your research prior to constructing your content and layout some key and well informed points to spread throughout your article. Don’t be afraid to use ideas that you may glean from someone else’s articles or content. I am not suggesting that you plagiarize someone else’s work, but I do suggest that you know what you are talking about and trying to convey when writing.

4. Stick to your niche while creating Backlinks

Another thing that I suggest is to write content that is relative to your website and chosen market niche. This is another essential part to creating backlinks to your site that will be powerful and deliver positive results. The preference is to create backlinks from sites that have a purpose similar to yours as these will be viewed more favorably by the bots and search engines.

5. Avoid dodgy backlinks

Lastly I implore you not to swap links with dodgy sites. This will only backfire and blow up in your face. Also if you gain too many backlinks too quickly from a dodgy link swapping site you will quickly learn just how much damage this approach can deliver. Stick to your sites purpose and have a pure approach and hang in there. With this altruistic approach you will ultimately win in the rankings game and also help to keep the web and web community a far better place.

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