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Top Ten Google Chrome Shortcuts

Everyone loves Google, but Firefox is such a familiar, helpful friend that getting used to Google’s Chrome browser can take a little time.

Everyone loves Google, but Firefox is such a familiar, helpful friend that getting used to Google’s Chrome browser can take a little time. To speed up the process, we’re presenting our list of top ten Google Chrome shortcuts.

OK, some of these aren’t technically shortcuts, but they are handy time-savers.

Ctrl+T: open a new tab.

Isn’t it convenient having many of the same shortcuts you’re used to with Firefox? If you use tabs a lot, remember this combo.

Ctrl+1 through 9: switch to a certain tab position.

Yep, another Firefox shortcut, this one lets you easily get to the tab you want.

Ctrl+N: open a new window.

When you’re all tabbed out, you can use the same shortcut Firefox uses for a shiny new window.

Ctrl+Shift+N: open a new “Incognito Mode” window.

Sometimes you want to do some browsing without saving it in your history or keeping cookies related to it, and Chrome’s Incognito Mode lets you do just that.

Besides the shortcut mentioned above, you can also right click on the link you want to visit and click on “open in incognito window.”

Now, Google warns that sites visited in this mode can still be tracked by websites that collect information about you, your Internet service provider, and keyloggers, as well as “secret agents” and “people standing behind you.” So, use common sense when in Incognito Mode.

Right-click the Back or Forward button: move directly to a page far ahead or behind in your browsing history.

Firefox can do this as well, but it’s still pretty handy to remember so you aren’t sitting there spamming the Back button to get to a page you visited 10 minutes ago.

Not technically a shortcut, but you can change your settings to make a bookmark bar that just displays favicons.

This isn’t exactly a shortcut, but it does save time and looks cute, too.

First, make sure you have the bookmarks bar displayed by clicking on the wrench icon and going to “Bookmarks.” The “Show bookmarks bar” option should be checked.

After this, whenever you bookmark a new website, make sure to delete the website’s name. Now you will have a larger selection of bookmarked sites right there on the toolbar, all just displayed with funky icons.

Again, not technically a shortcut, but you can use AutoFill to quickly enter your address.

If you’re sick of typing in your address whenever you sign up for anything, let AutoFill take care of it for you. Click on the wrench icon, go to “Options,” and then click on “Personal Stuff.” Click on “AutoFill options” and you’ll be able to add in your address, complete with your full name, phone number, and e-mail address. You can have multiple addresses saved separately, too.

Now, Google Chrome also gives you the option of letting AutoFill remember your credit card information, complete with your name, full credit card number, and expiration date for multiple cards.

However, if you’re going to be making credit card purchases online so often that you’re tempted to use AutoFill, consider using Google Checkout instead. Google Checkout lets you use one account and password to buy from shops across the Internet and protects you from unauthorized purchases made via Google Checkout.

Ashyia Hill from CreditDonkey says, of course, it helps if your actual credit card has $0 fraud liability, too. Luckily, $0 fraud liability is offered by many credit cards, including the increasingly popular Discover Open Road review.

Ctrl+K: Make your cursor appear in the address bar ready for a Google search.

Hey, this is Google’s browser, so you know they had to make it easy to do a Google search.

When you use this shortcut, you’ll be taken to the address bar, where a question mark will be waiting for you. Just type whatever you want to look up in front of the question mark and send it for a quick, easy Google search.

Final not-technically-a-shortcut-but-cool-feature: Perform calculations right in the address bar for an instant calculator.


Instead of opening up your computer’s calculator, save time by typing your math problem right into the address bar and letting Chrome figure it out for you. You don’t even need to search for it, because Chrome just figures it out on the spot!

Ctrl+L: Make your cursor appear in the address bar.


Again, this should be familiar to you from Firefox—sometimes you’re just too lazy to reach for the mouse.


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