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Mac Lion: 5 reasons to upgrade right now


OS X Lion has already been downloaded more than 1 million times since being released. If you are thinking about upgrading to this version of the software, then this article is going to give you 5 reasons for making that upgrade today. Regardless of what you want from your computing experience, Mac Lion can accommodate you.

No need to use a disc

There is no need to use a disk to install Mac Lion, unlike the previous versions of the operating systems. You don’t even need to use recovery disks anymore. This is a very convenient feature of the new OS. Instead of needing disks, you simply need a recovery partition. Users can instruct the utility to download a copy of Mac Lion and reinstall it, while keeping all the data. This is a very good reason to make the upgrade.

A robust system

Running the Lion operating system means you will have a very robust system on your Mac. You will find an Autosave feature which will save your documents as you work. Besides this, there is a resume feature that will save the state of the application when the Mac is closed, shut down or restarted.

HD video chatting enabled

The final version of FaceTime is built into Mac Lion. This lets people have video chats with anyone else who owns a Lion laptop iPad, iTouch or iPhone. This is also built into the Address Book, so it is very easy to connect with anyone in your contact list.

iChat updated

This is Apple’s instant messaging client, which has now got built in support for 3rd party plug-ins. This means that users can work with a number of other services, which has been something many people have demanded since it was first introduced. There is also support for Yahoo! Messenger.

Be up-to-date

While there are many new features and reasons to use Lion, there is one very important reason above all. This is simply to be up to date and stay on the curve of new technology. As a Mac user you are probably already in this mindset, so it makes sense to stay up to date. So far, Lion has been the most popular system release in history, having been downloaded more than one million times on the first day alone.

As such, if you want to stay on top of the latest viruses and security alerts, get the newest features and have the newest technology, then Lion is for you.


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