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How to Transfer Files to BlackBerry Phones

Think of a BlackBerry phone like a room. Without any file inside it, then you should expect an empty, spacious room with nothing but the basics like windows, doors, floor, and the ceiling. You know you can do many things with the room but without anything inside, you cannot fully maximize the potential of the room. So, in order to use the room, you need to put things inside it. You may add sets of furniture, additional lighting, and other accessories that you see fit the aesthetics and function of the room. Thus, you get a useful room. With phones, you might sell used BlackBerry phones when it has nothing inside it. You can see that files can play an important part for any smartphone.

How can you get files? You can have many ways to get files. The good thing is BlackBerry phones are smartphones to begin with. This gives you many options to choose from. You have a multitude of options and what you prefer most, the most convenient ones are what most people choose. Whatever you choose, BlackBerry phones still make it a point to provide what you choose. RIM has even redesigned their phones just to make it consumer and user friendly. Here are several options to transfer files to your BlackBerry phones:

Memory Card to Move and Store Data

This method is probably the easiest way to transfer data to your phone. What you need, besides the obvious, is the memory card reader that can connect to your personal computers. All you have to do is remove the micro SD card from the BlackBerry phone and connect the former to the card reader. Then, you connect the reader to the PC. Computer operating systems like Linux and Windows consider card readers removable devices. Once the system recognizes the device, you can drag and drop your files from the PC to your card.

If you don’t have a card reader with you, sell your BlackBerry for cash. But seriously, you can still have your BlackBerry phone connected to the PC and enable Mass Storage Mode. This time, you connect your phone to the computer via the USB cord. Once your phone has connected to the PC, the latter will recognize this as a removable device. Once you choose Memory from the Options menu, you may change the Mass Storage settings mode.

Make sure that you have already disconnected the card before physically disconnecting the phone because it may corrupt the files inside the card reader. On OS X, drag the SD card icon from the desktop to trash to formally disconnect it. On a Windows OS, choose ‘Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media’ to do the same process.

Transfer Via the Internet

You should have a data plan to do this. You simply will receive e-mail attachments to download the files. You now can transfer the data to your SD card or phone. You may also want to download files from the internet, which also gives you the option of selling BlackBerrys.

Transfer Via the Bluetooth

You just need a PC with Bluetooth to continue:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth. Make it Discoverable.

  2. Make sure the Serial Port Profile is on for Desktop Connectivity and Data Transfer.

  3. Just follow what the PC instructs you to do. Once both are synced, you may now transfer files to and from your phone.

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