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5 Tips For Job Interview Success

hiredjpg On the surface, a job interview is a relatively simple process. You answer a set of questions and attempt to convey how awesome you are in hopes an employer will be impressed by this awesomely hard worker with a great smile and a firm handshake. Nevertheless, when it comes to being awesome, you are not alone. Pretty much every candidate that steps in for an interview will vouch for their own awesomeness, flashing a mouth of brilliant pearls and boasting a handshake stronger than a trash compactor.

All candidates enter the interview with a story, and the difference between them is whether the listener is inclined to believe it. Nailing a job interview requires knowing the tips and tricks to giving substance to the story of your awesomeness, through examples and body language and attention to detail. The following are 5 helpful tactics you can employ to turn your awesome interview into and awesome hire.

1. Know and Research the Company

A company is looking for an employee who is not only interested in the position, but interested in a career. Demonstrating knowledge about an employer shows you are both proactive and intrigued by what the company has to offer. Make sure to emphasize that the business itself is something you believe in and a career you wish to develop your skills in for the long term. All things being equal, companies would rather not invest time and resources into an employee who will leave for a better position at the first opportunity.

2. Know Your Resume and Be Ready to Expand On It

Most interviewers will use your resume as the basis for the questioning, especially given the resume should be catered to the position you are applying for. Be ready to supply specific examples from each of your previous employment educational stops where you demonstrated leadership, gained experience, or gleaned knowledge that will help you at your new career. Almost every interviewee is going to proclaim their virtues with words, but being able to cite actual events to back them up provides substance to those claims.

3. Study the Job Description and Tailor Your Responses to Fit It

Most employment offers will come with various hints as to what kind of candidate they are searching for. Phrases such as “attention to detail” or “excellent customer service” will help you determine where you should direct the focus of the interview. For instance, you can provide anecdotal evidence of how you mollified a particularly unruly customer, or how your meticulous dedication to detail caught a mistake that saved the company money.

4. Make Eye Contact and Convey the Proper Body Language

This may appear to be obvious to some, but there are many individuals whose body language betrays their words. No matter how gregarious and diligent you may say you are, slouching implies laziness and lack of eye contact implies being anti-social. Even if the interviewer doesn’t consciously pick up on these nuances, unconsciously they may decide to pass you over based on a feeling.

5. Follow Up

A job interview is a competition, and one of the simplest ways to outdistance yourself from other candidates is to follow up with your interviewer, thanking them for their time and consideration. This small step shows your alacrity and attention to detail in a quantifiable action.

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