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Link Building: Process, Types and Advantages


As internet technology takes over world communication, online marketing has become one of the most popular ways of doing business. Professional web designers are hired to create websites, that would help the firms inform the public about their products and services.

However, creating a website, will not be enough for the growth of the business. There are thousands of websites dealing with the same kind of service and products. The businesses need to make sure that their products grab as many eyeballs as possible and remain ahead of the competitors. The only way to ensure this is by achieving a good SERP rank. This task cannot be accomplished by the quality of the website itself. One would need to take the assistance of a Search Engine Optimizer who has the expertise to optimize the search rank of a website and ensure higher traffic.

Defining Link Building Service

In order to accomplish these tasks the optimizers undertake some unique strategies. Link Building Service is one such exclusive technique. While link building can work miracles for your business, you need to know the way it works. A link builder will submit articles to various forums and at the end of each article, a link to author’s website would be provided. Therefore, the readers of the post will come across the link and if their interest can be initiated, they would visit the linked website.

Advantages of Link Building

Let us have a quick look at the advantages of this service,

  • Builds a goodwill for the business
  • Improves online visibility
  • Ensures better traffic
  • Improves SERP ranks
  • Ensures optimization of the whole site

The Process of Link Building

On the very first hand, it is necessary to locate the target audience. Next, you need to find out what kind of content or article interests this group of people.

As far as preparing an article is concerned, one must remember that the headline of a write-up has to be appealing. The title is the first thing that one notices in a write up, be it a billboard, a notice on the wall or an internet article. Other than the title, the introductory paragraph and the summary demand special attention.

Blogger websites and article directories are the two best mediums of making the audience feel your online process. Even, the social networking sites are used as platforms of creating and promoting business relationships.

Types of Link Building

Link building can broadly be divided into two basic types, Blog Submission and Article Directory Submission. In the first case, the link builder will have to find out a blog of his niche and then ask for the blogger’s permission to post his article. While in the latter case, one will need not to worry about the niche and make submissions to any directory.

However, the quality of the blog or the directory has a major role to play as far as optimization is concerned. The readers are most unlikely to visit a forum of poor quality. Therefore, majority of the people will not access your article. As a result, the main aim behind link-building (increasing traffic) will remain unfulfilled.

We have discussed about the types and processes of link building services in this article, as well as discussed its definition. On a concluding note, it can be said that to reap the proper advantages of a Link Building Service, one would need to keep in mind the quality of both the website and the article.

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