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Linux and Windows Web Hosting – What Is the Difference

linux-server-or-windows-server If you are looking to choose a hosting service then the first choice that you will need to make is whether you will be choosing a Linux platform or a Windows platform. Before deciding which one is the right platform for you, it is recommended to find out their features and what exactly makes them appropriate for a web hosting solution.

You should know that many website owners are guided by the financial advantage that Linux comes with, since this one is way cheaper than Windows solution. Actually, the Linux option comes as a free option within which everyone can operate in accordance with their own needs.

But let us see what makes Windows be so expensive when compared to Linux:

First of all, Windows is a popular platform on which everybody can operate. This is the fact that has determined web hosting providers to charge more when using this platform with their servers. More than this, Windows has gained it own reputation as a trustable platform which many users depend on. Not the same thing can be said about Linux of which not many people know; therefore they prefer stay away of a platform with which they are not familiarized. In this way, Linux has become hard to sell at any price that puts it closer to what Windows can be sold for.

Another thing that makes Linux cheaper is the reliability and stability that this one can be operable. On the other hand, Windows web server always needs maintenance to allow web hosting providers to rely better on this platform. As a result this maintenance will be supported by experienced technical teams who charge fees for their service. This payment is reflected at the end customers’ fees, hence the larger fee paid by website owners when subscribing to web hosting services.

Another reason that makes Windows a highly paid solution is because this one is a Microsoft based application. Since many computer-operated businesses rely on this type of application, it goes without saying that the demand for the server reaches also for Microsoft-based application. As you can imagine, at this chapter Linux platform loses a lot of points, also because the web hosting companies have taken note of the demand offering as such the Windows operational platform instead of Linux. They know that under these circumstances, the number of their customers increases.

Due to the fact that Windows is extensively used by web developers and internet surfers, it makes it very desired by all the web owners and web hosting providers. One will find even the newbie in this area utilizing the Windows solutions because they are designed with user-friendly features and easy to navigate guidance.

Everybody knows that Microsoft has been the ultimate driver to successfully support the way Windows solutions are competitively leading in this industry. This is why they sell themselves pretty high to the end consumers.

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