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Importance of .ORG and .EDU Backlinks for SEO

Domain name extensions like .com, .net and .org will specify to which segment the website belongs to. These are nothing but a categorization of websites. Based on the extension of the website we can identify the purpose of a website. Generally a business which has commercial interests will prefer to contain .com domain name which gives the meaning of ‘commercial’. .org is used by non-profit organizations which gives the meaning of ‘organization’.



What are .edu and .org links?

.edu and .org are Top Level Domains (TLDs). Generally .Org is used by voluntary organizations which would like to have a web presence to help others. .org is generally used by religious, cultural organizations, associations and community groups. These websites will not have any commercial interests.

.edu extensions are granted for sites that cater to education. Schools, colleges, universities and other reputed institutions will have their online presence with .edu extensions. Even though the categorization was done to easily smell the purpose of the site, there is nothing wrong or there is no hard and fast rule to always stick to .com for a business site. You can float your business site even from an .info extension.

Why are they important?

At the time of evolution of internet only .com sites were present. Gradually .Net and .Org originated. However, with the growing requirements, it is necessitated to hold a number of TLDs to cater to the interests of various segments of users worldwide. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the authority that works on domain names.

Even though .com is meant for business users, it has become very popular and it is widely used for various purposes. Gradually many other extensions were introduced. They include .info, .edu, .gov, .biz, .mobi, etc. Even though categorization was done to easily track the purpose of a website, it is not being strictly adhered to. If you would like to give a more professional image, you should select the appropriate domain extension to gain trust and confidence from internet users.

What role they play in SEO?

In SEO terms no extension is inferior to .com extension. People are under myth that .com is the greatest of all domain extensions. No doubt that .com is very popular since it was there from the very inception of internet. In fact, because of the high popularity, there are internet users who block .com sites without having any intention to host the site but to resell the domain name for a heavy price.

There is no reason that .com extensions should pitch higher than other extensions. All the extensions have the same level of opportunity to surface well in SEO part. It’s the amount of keyword optimization and backlinks that are present on a site will decide the popularity of a site. To fare well in the SERPs, the thumb rule is that the website should create authority by posting authentic content and establishing very powerful backlinks.

How to get .org and .edu links?

If you post high quality content on your site, other sites will refer your site and thus you will get backlinks. You can search for .edu and .org sites directly from Google search. If you want quick results you can also hire services from an SEO firm which will help you explore large number of links where you can post comments.

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